Available treatment methods of a gummy smile

A gummy smile is a common dental condition for most children going for dental treatment. This condition occurs when a large portion of the gums below the teeth is visible when you smile. Sometimes, people with a gummy smile are not very enthusiastic about their smile, and they may end up having low self-esteem because of it.

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Dental Implants Los Angeles

Tooth replacement is one of the most common dental treatments offered across the city. In most cases, people end up selecting any form of tooth replacement without carefully assessing their dental needs. One of the best tooth replacement options available today is dental implant surgery. Dental implants Los Angeles are the most convenient form of tooth replacement.

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Dentist Los Angeles

Dentistry has grown immensely in recent years owing to the advancement in technology and medical treatment. Today, there are various forms of dentistry each of which holds potential dental treatment for dental patients across the world.

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Teeth Whitening Los Angeles

Teeth whitening has become very rampant in society today. Cases of yellow and discolored teeth can now be totally eliminated through modern forms of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is widely used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the aesthetic value of teeth and the smile in general.

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All you need to know about invisalign treatment

Teeth alignment is one of the major dental issues treated in dental offices across the city. For most people, poor dental growth since childhood has caused poor alignment of teeth which negatively affects the general appearance. While some people may be opposed to getting braces or aligners due to their observable qualities, there is a much more convenient treatment method available.

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What is TMJ?

TMJ Symptoms and Treatments

In addition to providing patients with the best options for straightening teeth, the team here at our Los Angeles orthodontics office also offers specialized care and treatment of TMJ disorders. The mission of our practice is to be the standard by which other orthodontic practices are measured by providing a “whole health” approach to orthodontic treatment.

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