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TMJ Orthodontic Treatment

TMJ Orthodontic Treatment



The abbreviation “TMJ” stands for each of the 2 matching “hinges”, called temporomandibular joints, situated on each side of your head.

TMJ is a critical dental condition that can affect anyone from grown adults to children. Most people do not know what TMJ is and may end up seeking treatment for a condition that they do not understand. A TMJ disorder is generally characterized by a sharp pain at the temporomandibular joint.

The disorder is normally caused by an infection or injury to the joint. Since the joint is responsible for opening and closing the jaw, you may get a locked jaw if you have TMJ.

At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, we normally provide various treatment solutions for TMJ. Depending on the basis of your TMJ disorder, our dentist will determine the best treatment.

If you feel intense pain at the front of your ear and you find trouble moving your jaw, visit us for a TMJ checkup. A large majority of people with TMJ don’t usually know that they have the condition.

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