Accelerated Orthodontics Los Angeles

VPro teeth vibration tool enables Dr. Hakim, the best orthodontist in Los Angeles, to speed up tooth movement for fast orthodontic treatment

The VPro device allows patients to significantly reduce orthodontic treatment time.

Get straighter teeth faster with SureSmile® VPro

Whether you get braces or clear aligners, VPro™ enables us to dramatically reduce your treatment time.

At the Orthospaceship, we offer VPro to our patients, including children. When used at home for just 5 minutes a day, VPro™ may reduce discomfort and speed up treatment time by up to 50%.

SureSmile® VPro™

What is VPro?

VPro is a small hands-free device that initiates bone remodeling using gentle vibrations on the teeth to help accelerate the remodeling of the bone surrounding them so that they will shift faster into their new positions.

It’s easy to use. Simply bite down on a mouthpiece that is placed in the mouth for at least 5 minutes per day in order to maintain the estimated rate of treatment.

VPro is an FDA approved appliance that is safe and healthy for use.

Beverly Hills Boy with headphones at a skatepark smiling after getting traditional metal braces for teens

Faster Treatment Time

Benefits of VPro

  • Accelerated Tooth Movement 2,5,6
  • Reduced Treatment Time by up to 64% 2,4,6
  • Reduced Discomfort 2,3
  • Improved Predictability 2,4
  • Optimal Aligner Seating 1
  • Assist in Retainer Wear

SureSmile® VPro™

VPro Features

  • Convenient 5-Minute Wear Time
  • Wireless Charging
  • Waterproof Vibration Device
  • Compact Travel Case
  • Patient Mobile App
Hand holding up the VPro orthodontic technology that enables the orthodontists at Orthospaceship to treat their orthodontic patients fast

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