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Clearly defined treatment goals translate to better results in aesthetic appearance and function of the bite and jaws.

Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists

The RWISO Philosophy

The Roth Williams philosophy may be  summed up by the phrase “clearly defined treatment goals.”

Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is a Roth Williams Orthodontist. As a functional Orthodontist, he focuses on not only the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, but more importantly the function of the bite, jaws and TMJ.

Dr. Hakim regularly treats patients who have had orthodontic treatment elsewhere, sometimes in different occasions, and who were unsatisfied with their results, and/or have encountered complications such as TMJ symptoms or relapse.

The cause of orthodontic treatment failure is usually misdiagnosis.

Establishing clear treatment goals, and a careful and thorough bite analysis enables Dr. Hakim to accurately identify the source of the problem and clearly determine the treatment necessary to achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that withstand the test of time.

Roth Williams Orthodontics – Clearly Defined Treatment Goals

Facial Aesthetics

Treatment with our RWISO Orthodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. F. Isaac Hakim, will seek to achieve facial harmony which will improve dental, facial and overall, your general appearance.

Dental Aesthetics

Great looking smile that compliments facial aesthetics and supports the proper functional occlusion.

Functional Occlusion

Your teeth are tools that you use every day. When your bite works correctly your teeth last you longer. For the teeth to do their job properly, they must have a specific shape, be in a specific position and relate to the other teeth in a very specific way. As an RWISO orthodontist, Dr. Isaac Hakim achieves that trifecta by carefully and meticulously analyzing your bite to determine what exactly must be corrected for the bite to function properly.

Periodontal Health

Your periodontal tissues or gums envelope the teeth and provide a seal around them. Unlike the soft tissue linings of the lips and cheeks, most of the gums are tightly bound to the underlying bone. Gum recession results in bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

An unstable bite or teeth that excessively protruding forward, may cause your gums to recede. Dr Hakim’s careful approach to orthodontic treatment results in functional bites, beautiful smiles and healthy gums.

Healthy TMJ

A healthy chewing system comprises the jaws, TMJ, teeth, gums, head, face, jaw, neck and shoulder muscles all working together within their ideal position and range.

As an RWISO functional orthodontist, Dr. Hakim understands the importance of healthy jaw joints (TMJ) since they are the foundation to a stable bite.

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