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We are committed to providing high quality orthodontic and TMJ treatment in a unique and comfortable environment! Come and see why our orthodontic office is an office of the future!

About Our Practice

Orthodontics Los Angeles
Dr. Isaac Hakim is a leading orthodontist in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas. Offering premiere Early, Teen and Adult Orthodontic Treatment, Invisalign, Self-Ligating, Metal, Clear ceramic and Behind the teeth braces and advanced TMJ Treatment, Dr. Hakim and his Orthospaceship crew believe and embody the concept that every patient deserves quality innovative care.
When you or your loved ones come to our orthodontic office in Los Angeles, California you will know immediately that you belong here. Using the latest technologies in sterilization, imaging, computerization and dental equipment we have created an office of tomorrow that looks as advanced as a spaceship; therefore, we have appropriately named it “Orthospaceship”.

Serving West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, & Los Angeles Patients Fly In From All Over The World!

Aside from all fifty states, our patients fly in from every continent in the world to see Dr. Hakim!

Dr. Hakim is a highly specialized orthodontist who has been creating beautiful, confident, and healthy smiles for over 30 years at the same location. We are at 9201 West Sunset Boulevard, between Cory Avenue and Doheny Road, across the street from City National Bank, on planet Earth.


We are committed to being recognized as the standard by which all other orthodontic practices are measured and Dr. Hakim as the premier orthodontist of choice for discerning patients.

Providing a “whole health” approach to orthodontic treatment, we are at the absolute forefront in quality and innovation, creating a unique destination and producing healthy, stable and beautiful smiles that are superior in the world. Our hallmarks of exceptional service to all our patients, outstanding ethical conduct and passion for excellence ensure that we are recognized world-wide.

While we welcome professionals as referral sources, our main source for referrals will be our past, current, and future patients and their family and friends.


Our mission is to treat our patients with respect, love and utmost care, while providing them with the most advanced techniques available in diagnosis and treatment in a professional, fun, pleasant and friendly environment.

To that end, we continue improving our knowledge, stay abreast of the latest advances in the field of Orthodontics and TMJ Therapy and have created an office that is second to none in office environment and technology.


Our vision is to have a high-quality orthodontic office with outstanding and efficient service to our patients. We are here to offer a unique experience in a high tech, fun and friendly environment. Our highly trained, progressive and motivated team is here to provide a whole health approach to orthodontic treatment.

Virtual Office Tour

Click through the pictures below to blast-off into Dr. Isaac Hakim’s Orthospaceship, a state-of-the-art orthodontics office.

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