3D Imaging Technology


Orthospaceship offers advanced 3D imaging for Los Angeles with the iTero scanner

The Orthospaceship offers advanced 3D imaging for Los Angeles with the iTero scanner.

Advanced 3D Imaging for Los Angeles

Beyond a great first impression

At the Orthospaceship, we are committed to providing our patients comprehensive, personalized orthodontic care. Which is why at our ‘office of tomorrow’ you will find the latest imaging technology. We depend on the detailed, accurate visuals to develop our “Whole Health” orthodontic treatment plans.

Treatment Starts with a Scan

No more gross dental impressions

Our patients should not have to suffer through making gooey impressions of their mouth. It’s one of the reasons why we use the iTero scanner to create digital impressions of your teeth in minutes. These impressions are more accurate and allow you to view a treatment outcome simulation.

orthodontic assistant in blue gloves taking a messy impression of a man's teeth at the orthodontist office in Los Angeles

Get your orthodontic treatment started without suffering through disgusting dental impressions. At the Orthospaceship, we use iTero to digitally scan your mouth quickly and painlessly.

iTero scanner with large display showing scan of a Los Angeles orthodontic patient's upper teeth to make custom clear aligners to straighten teeth

Begin your orthodontic treatment at the Orthospaceship in comfort with modern 3D scanning and an all digital treatment plan.

Modern 3D Scanning


iTero scanners create three-dimensional visuals of your teeth and jawline to better map the orthodontic treatment plan. The iTero scanners have been the powerhouse behind over 10 million restorations in orthodontic practices across the U.S.

We use superior extraoral imaging technology to make sure our doctors have all the information they need to make important treatment decisions.

Premium X-Ray Imaging


The DEXIS i-CAT FLX V x-ray uses Cone Beam 3D Imaging to capture both crystal-clear 3D scans and traditional 2D panoramic images. Using its PureScan™ technology and full-size sensor, we can capture a detailed 3D scan without compromising image quality. The system also provides enhanced low-dose imaging options, dedicated traditional 2D panoramic capabilities, and a feature-rich treatment planning software.

Transform your smile.

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