Adult Orthodontics


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Beyond having a gorgeous smile, fixing your teeth has shown to increase confidence and have health benefits, too.

Orthodontics for Adults in Los Angeles

Why should adults consider orthodontic treatment?

Most people don’t realize that there is much more to orthodontic treatments than eliminating crooked teeth or misaligned teeth to have a great smile. Getting braces as an adult actually creates a healthy smile, with the emphasis on healthy!

Did you know that having straight teeth helps eliminate gum disease and tooth decay by making brushing your teeth easier? It also help cut back on teeth grinding. Overall oral health is improved which can even help with heart disease!

And with most dental plans, at least a portion of the costs are covered by dental insurance. And if you don’t have dental insurance, many orthodontists have affordable payment plans.

What types of orthodontic treatments are best for adults?

With many options to choose from including self- ligating braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual behind the teeth braces and clear aligners- adult braces can be a lot more esthetic and convenient than you may think!

No longer are you doomed to have a bad bite, untreated misalignment, or forced to wear traditional metal braces.

Our “OrthoSpaceship” is an office environment unlike any other, which combines advanced orthodontic technology with comfort and luxury. Now, more than ever, adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to bring new life to their smiles. Braces aren’t for kids anymore! Learn how Dr. Hakim can transform your smile today!

“As an adult professional, the experience of being treated by Dr. Hakim and his team was beyond my expectations”

~ Taylor M.

A gentleman at a café smiling after orthodontic treatment from The Orthospaceship
In addition to improving appearance, straight teeth have other health benefits

Other reasons to get orthodontic treatment

According to the AAO, 1 in 4 orthodontic patients are adults. Adults are turning to orthodontics to improve more than simply their smile.

Here’s why adult orthodontics is a great choice:

  • Improvement of personal appearance and self-esteem.
  • Optimization of the health of your teeth and gums as you age.
  • Minimization of abnormal wear and tear of teeth due to uneven bite or grinding.
  • Prevention of headaches, which could be caused by jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain.

“My experience with Dr. Hakim has been nothing short of amazing. I started off with so much pain and discomfort, suffering from my TMJ disorder and now my suffering is gone! I feel like my own self again!”

~ Geovanna M.

Why Adult Orthodontics Is Different Today

Many adults fear they have an unattractive smile, but also fear orthodontics because, well, we aren’t kids anymore! We have jobs and lives that could be compromised by painful orthodontic appliances or frequent office visits. So we choose to live with our dental problems.

Good news! Our new adult orthodontic techniques:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort levels.
  • Shorten treatment times.
  • Minimize the need for office check-ups and visits.

“I am a grandmother who never expected she would be wearing braces again. I was apprehensive but Dr. Hakim and his staff comforted me and did a fantastic job. I am very happy with the results!”

~ Leslie P.

Modern orthodontic treatment options are more efficient and comfortable
Handsome man confidently smiles while carrying grocery bag

What you can expect as an adult orthodontic patient

The first step is to visit the office for a consultation. During your visit, our doctors will check for missing teeth, crooked teeth, crowded teeth or other tooth problems. They will also check for various forms of gum disease and jaw alignment.

They will evaluate any potential concerns and determine the best course of orthodontic treatment.  The first step is the hardest, but we will make it easier.

Call and come in for a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for adult orthodontic treatment.

We have the latest in orthodontic treatment options

We have lingual braces that, unlike traditional braces, are affixed to the back of your teeth. This makes them virtually invisible.

Beyond lingual braces, we also offer ceramic braces. These are similar to traditional braces but the brackets are clear or color-matched to your teeth. Again, the purpose to make make the adult braces almost invisible when being worn.

And of course, beyond ceramic braces we offer Invisalign clear aligners. These plastic aligners allow you to remove the aligners for meals, meetings or whenever you want.

In all these cases, the results are the same… straight teeth! Your smile is transformed by your orthodontic treatment to give the appearance of natural teeth that provide a great smile.

If you want to explore undergoing treatment at Orthospaceship, give us a call at (310) 271-7287. Don’t put off getting braces just because you are an adult!

The Orthospaceship offers the latest in orthodontic treatment options, including clear aligners

Transform your smile.

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