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Orthodontists Dr. F. Isaac Hakim and Dr. Chantal Hakim have made it their mission to accurately diagnose and treat the source of problems, rather than merely the symptoms. They have helped thousands of people in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills & surrounding areas. Patients fly in from all 50 states and every continent in the world.

To learn more about Orthospaceship, keep reading. Orthospaceship is centrally located at 9201 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 905, Los Angeles, California 90069.

Dr. Chantal Hakim sharing orthodontic technology with Dr. Isaac Hakim as they strive to be the best orthodontists in Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area

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You can trust your smile to the best orthodontists in Los Angeles. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim and Dr. Chantal Hakim of the Orthospaceship provide their patients comprehensive, personalized orthodontic care.

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The Orthospaceship is the office of tomorrow, featuring the latest technologies in sterilization, imaging, computerization and dental equipment.

The orthodontic treatment area where we straighten our patient's teeth in our orthodontic office in Los Angeles we call the Orthospaceship.
Braces for teens is a popular orthodontic treatment option as shown here on this teenage boy in Los Angeles

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It takes time to transform your smile, but we think you will love the results. Check out why we have a 5-Star rating on Google.

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