Comprehensive Guide to TMJ Treatment Options


TMJ Treatment at The Orthospaceship

Embark on a path to relief and better oral health with the Orthospaceship, where our focus is on you and your TMJ needs. Experiencing symptoms of TMJ, like jaw pain or facial discomfort, can be more than just an inconvenience—it can affect your daily life. Our team, experts in the nuances of TMJ disorders, is here to offer you not just a TMJ diagnosis, but a partnership in health with long-term relief of chronic pain. A mal-aligned bite is one of the greatest contributors to TMJ disorders, and orthodontic treatment provides a permanent way to correct your bite.

We’re dedicated to providing pain relief and improving the function of your temporomandibular joints, making your wellness our mission. Let’s start this journey together toward a healthier, happier you.

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to the experiences of those who’ve walked this path before you, finding hope and healing in the hands of Dr. Isaac and Dr. Chantal. Their expertise in tackling complex TMJ and orthodontic cases has changed lives, one smile at a time.


“I wish there was more than five star rating to be given to both Dr Hakim and Dr Chantal. Dr Hakim and Dr Chantal are both outstanding orthodontist. They have very advanced level knowledge about orthodontic work and jaw alignment. They deal with cases that regular Drs aren’t able to deal with. They also go above and beyond the call of duty to perfect the outcome. They are very dedicated to their patients. Both me and my daughter are ecstatic about her result.”

– Sigalit Amiri

Woman rubbing her head in pain due to TMJ disorder

The Best TMJ Treatment Option

Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ Disorders

As stated earlier, a mal-aligned bite is one of the greatest contributors to TMJ disorders, and orthodontic treatment provides a permanent way to correct your bite. Therefore, orthodontic treatment, aligned with the Roth Williams philosophy, plays a significant role in TMJ treatment at The Orthospaceship.

Roth Williams Philosophy: This approach emphasizes achieving not only dental alignment but also optimal jaw function. It focuses on correcting the relationship between the jaw and teeth, addressing the root causes of TMJ disorders.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment:

  • Helps realign teeth and jaw, reducing strain on the temporomandibular joint.
  • Can provide long-term relief from TMJ symptoms by correcting underlying dental issues.
  • Involves a variety of options, including traditional braces, clear aligners, and more customized solutions.

What to Keep in Mind:

  • Treatment duration can be longer, depending on the complexity of the case.
  • Requires commitment and patient compliance for successful outcomes.
  • May involve a combination of treatments for comprehensive care.

Orthodontic treatment under the Roth Williams philosophy offers a holistic approach to TMJ disorders, focusing on the overall harmony of the mouth’s structure. By correcting misalignments and malocclusions, it not only improves aesthetics but also functionality, offering a lasting solution to TMJ-related issues.

“I’ve been having issues with my jaw my whole life, it wasn’t until I started seeing Dr. Hakim that I was properly diagnosed and started the path to recovery. He takes his time with his patients and is incredibly thorough!”

– Noelle Green

The TMJ Specialists at the Orthospaceship have extensive training and experience treating people with temporomandibular joint dysfunction successfully with orthodontic treatment.

Dr Hakim is a board certified orthodontist
Dr Hakim has specialized training in the RWISO orthodontic treatment
Dr Hakim is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists

“Got my braces here when I was a kid. Went back after 18 years to get new retainers after mine broke along with a new mouth guard. Best in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills by a long shot. I also didn’t know Dr. Hakim was a TMJ specialist. When you think of orthodontist, you’re only thinking of braces and kids, but it’s much more.”

– Ryan Eliasnik

Woman looking in mirror experiencing pain in her jaw muscles & facial muscles

Explore Other TMJ Treatment Options

Oral Splints for TMJ Treatment

Orthotic TMJ Therapy includes using oral splints and is commonly recommended for TMJ treatment, particularly for patients experiencing teeth grinding (bruxism) and jaw clenching.

Benefits of Oral Splints:

  • Provide a barrier between upper and lower teeth, preventing damage caused by grinding and clenching.
  • Can reduce strain on the jaw joints and muscles, thereby alleviating TMJ symptoms.
  • Non-invasive and can offer immediate relief in many cases.

What to Keep in Mind:

  • While they help manage symptoms, they do not treat the underlying cause of TMJ disorders.
  • Need to be custom-made for effective resuts and comfortable fit.
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment by an orthodontist may be required.

Oral splints are particularly beneficial for nighttime use, preventing unconscious teeth grinding and clenching that can aggravate TMJ disorders. They are a key part of a comprehensive TMJ treatment plan, especially when combined with other therapies such as orthodontics or medications.

Botox for TMJ Treatment at The Orthospaceship

At The Orthospaceship, we understand the complex nature of TMJ disorders and strive to offer innovative solutions. Botox, commonly associated with cosmetic treatments, has emerged as an effective option for TMJ treatment, addressing symptoms like jaw tension and facial pain.

Benefits of Botox for TMJ:

  • Targets and relaxes overactive jaw muscles, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Minimizes occurrences of teeth grinding and clenching, especially during sleep.
  • Quick, non-surgical procedure with minimal recovery time.


  • Effects are temporary, requiring periodic treatments for sustained relief.
  • Not a standalone solution; best when combined with other TMJ therapies such as orthodontic treatment or oral splints.

Incorporating Botox into your TMJ treatment plan can significantly improve your quality of life by alleviating pain and enhancing jaw function. If you’re curious about how Botox can be part of your journey to relief, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us today. Let’s explore together how this modern treatment can fit into your personalized TMJ management plan.

Electrogalvanic Stimulation (EGS) for TMJ Pain Relief

Another advanced solutions we offer at The Orthospaceship for is Electrogalvanic Stimulation (EGS). This non-invasive therapy uses electrical currents to relax muscle spasms and alleviate pain in the jaw and facial area.

Benefits of EGS for TMJ:

  • Relieves muscle tension and spasms associated with TMJ.
  • Offers a drug-free alternative for managing TMJ symptoms.
  • May provide immediate relief from jaw pain and discomfort.


  • EGS is typically part of a comprehensive TMJ treatment plan.
  • Best results often come from combining EGS with other treatments such as orthodontic treatment or oral appliances.

If you’re suffering from TMJ pain and looking for a modern, effective treatment, EGS might be right for you. Contact The Orthospaceship today for a free consultation to explore how EGS can be integrated into your personalized treatment plan.

Physical Therapy for TMJ Treatment

Physical therapy can play a pivotal role to easing TMJ disorders, especially for those navigating the challenges of jaw pain and limited movement. It’s all about enhancing the strength and flexibility of your jaw muscles, offering you significant relief from the symptoms of TMJ.

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

  • Improves flexibility and strength in the jaw muscles, leading to better jaw joint function.
  • Reduces pain and discomfort through targeted exercises and techniques.
  • Enhances blood flow to the affected area, promoting healing.

What to Keep in Mind:

  • Requires commitment to regular sessions for optimal results.
  • May need to be combined with other treatments for comprehensive care.

Physical therapy for TMJ treatment is most effective when tailored to individual needs. A skilled physical therapist can provide specific exercises and manual therapy techniques to address your unique symptoms. By committing to a structured physical therapy regimen, you can expect gradual but meaningful improvement in your TMJ-related discomfort.

Medications for TMJ Treatment

Medications are often used to manage pain and inflammation associated with TMJ disorders.

Benefits of Medications:

  • Quick relief from pain and discomfort, allowing for easier jaw movement.
  • Reduces inflammation in the jaw joints, providing comfort.
  • Can be easily combined with other forms of treatment like physical therapy.

What to Keep in Mind:

  • Medications often provide temporary relief and are not a cure for TMJ disorders.
  • Long-term use may lead to side effects or dependence.
  • It’s essential to use medications as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

For TMJ sufferers, medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or stronger prescription painkillers can be vital in managing acute flare-ups. They allow patients to engage more comfortably in other forms of therapy, like physical therapy, by reducing immediate pain and inflammation. However, it’s important to remember that medication should be part of a broader treatment strategy for TMJ disorders.

“I am so glad that I found this place! I wanted a second opinion on TMJ treatment and bite correction. I really liked both doctors and all other staff members I have met have been friendly and helpful, too. I felt that they were overall very honest and caring. I would definitely recommend the Orthospaceship!”

– Milena Trifunovich

Answering Your Questions About TMJ Treatment

What is the best doctor to see for TMJ?

For TMJ issues, seeing a dentist or orthodontist specializing in TMJ disorders, like those at The Orthospaceship who follow the Roth-Williams philosophy for holistic treatment, is recommended.

What is the most successful treatment for TMJ

The most successful treatment varies but often includes a combination of physical therapy, oral appliances, and lifestyle adjustments, tailored to individual needs.

Is fixing TMJ expensive?

The cost of fixing TMJ can vary widely depending on the treatment plan, but at the Orthospaceship, we offer various options and work with many dental insurance plans to make treatment accessible. For personalized advice, consider scheduling a free consult.

“Dr.Hakim and his Daughter Dr.Hakim were extremely professional, kind and beyond patient. I took my 16 year old daughter in due to a complex situation. They spent quite a long time with us. The case was thoroughly reviewed and explained to us in the most professional and kind manner. Three other distinguished Doctors had seen the case and all deferred to Dr. Issac and Dr. Chantal Hakims solution. My daughter and I feel safe and well taken care of under their expertise…”

– Melody Mahboubi

Dr Hakim & Dr Chantal treatment planning for a patient with TMJ disorder

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