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Woman smiling while about to put her clear aligner in her mouth that straightens teeth similar to Invisalign in Los Angeles

Clear Aligner Treatment for Los Angeles

Clear Aligners

The Orthospaceship is your trusted partner in the journey to a great smile. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, we specialize in clear aligners, an innovative and nearly invisible solution to straighten your teeth. Our team of dental professionals is dedicated to offering personalized, effective treatment plans tailored to your unique smile transformation needs.

Clear Aligners for Southern California

Clear aligners: a revolution in teeth straightening

Clear aligners are a breakthrough in orthodontic treatment, offering a more flexible solution compared to traditional metal braces. These orthodontic devices are custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit and effective treatment. Whether you’re dealing with crooked teeth, mild to moderate spacing issues, or simply seeking a straighter smile, clear aligners are an excellent choice.

Are clear aligners right for me?

The treatment plan: tailored for your smile

Every patient at The Orthospaceship receives a doctor-directed treatment plan, ensuring a personalized approach to teeth straightening. We begin with a 3D Scan of your teeth (goodbye gooey dental impressions!) to create aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. The average treatment time varies depending on individual needs, but we’re committed to guiding you through the entire smile journey with care and precision.

Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

Invisalign: A great option

Invisalign treatment, utilizing Align Technology, is a preferred choice for many of our patients. These clear aligners offer the benefit of being virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly. Invisalign is suitable for various orthodontic needs, from mild adjustments to more comprehensive alignment.

In addition to Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, The Orthospaceship proudly offers other clear aligner options to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of our patients in Los Angeles. Each of these alternatives, like Invisalign, employs the latest in align technology to ensure effective treatment and a seamless experience. Our dental professionals will work closely with you to determine the best aligner treatment option, whether it’s Invisalign or another high-quality invisible aligner system. This flexibility ensures that every patient can find a teeth straightening solution that aligns perfectly with their lifestyle and orthodontic goals.

Man smiling while using clear aligners to invisibly straighten his teeth in Beverly Hills

Clear aligner advantages

Clear aligners provide several advantages over traditional braces. They are removable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without restriction and maintain good oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing. Moreover, for those with busy lifestyles, nighttime aligners offer even greater flexibility.

Cost & insurance coverage

Understanding the cost of orthodontic treatment is important. At our complimentary consultation, we provide detailed information about the total cost of clear aligner treatment, including insurance coverage options and the possibility of using FSA funds. Our team will work with you to explore payment options, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment in your smile.

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