Who need Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental term that refers to the procedures involved in jaw bone and teeth alignment correction. This is a solution to intricate jaw bone issues that may be affecting your expression, or affecting normal mouth movements and functionality.

Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is a board-certified dental practitioner who has been helping patients living and working in Los Angeles or referred patients from other regions around LA. If you are concerned with the position and placement of your jawbone or would like to consult on matters concerning the same, you can consult with us for an opportunity to have the best orthodontist Los Angeles has to offer to work of you.

Orthodontist Los Angeles

Are you unsure if an orthodontic procedure will restore you to your optimum dental health and aesthetic appeal? Some of the conditions that our procedures helps reverse have been listed below.

Bite alignment conditions are the most common cases that warrant for an orthodontic procedure. If you find that your bite is incomplete, in that you are experiencing cross-bites, underbites or overbites, you would be the perfect candidate for us.

Other cases that our orthodontist Los Angeles handles are crowded teeth, a misplaced midline of the front teeth, and also cases of bone grafting to add bone matter to the jawbone to support teeth perfectly.


Depending on the nature of your dental condition, our orthodontist dentist may recommend either a fixed and permanent option or temporary removable.

Our fixed appliances are such as braces to help pull your teeth back in position, space maintainers and other special fixed appliances to enhance reversal and achieve the desired effect. Apart from these, our removable treatment options include aligners, removable space aligners, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expanders, removable retainers, and a range of other headgear.

Our treatment options are designed to cater both for you and your kids as we also have a pediatric center where your kids also get to reap the benefits of our procedures and lay a good foundation for their future optimum dental health. Among the treatment options, we have for kids are the fixed space maintainers where they are placed in the gap of a lost tooth to maintain the dental structure and provide the opportunity for growth of other teeth in the same space.

The specially fixed appliances also help in taming habits of thumb sucking and teeth thrusting on the spaces left by lost teeth.


Our orthodontic dentist, Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is based in our Los Angeles offices and free for consultation services for you any day of the week. You can visit our dental facility and if you are found fit for an orthodontic procedure, you can be scheduled for a procedure in no time.

Our qualified facility is fully stocked, with all the treatment options as well as advanced technology and equipment to ensure that our procedures are perfect with a minimum error range.

Visit us today and let us handle your dental worries today.


Emergency Dentist Los Angeles

Having a reliable emergency dentist is a great tool to have in your life. This is because dental emergencies may occur at any unscheduled moment. Knowing how to quickly get out of such fixes without having a stressful experience would be an added advantage to you.

That is why Dr. F. Isaac Hakim has set up his dental practice in Los Angeles, a 24-hour running facility that is specially designed to solve any dental complications at the moment they occur. So, if your toothache is giving you a stressful day at job, a visit to our facility would solve the complication for you in a matter of minutes and get you back to your work a happier person.

A few of the emergency conditions that our emergency dentist Los Angeles helps solve have been discussed below.

Teeth Extractions

Though teeth extractions are not always the desired path of treatment, some conditions cannot be treated in any other way. The teeth needing extraction could be some decaying tooth or impacted wisdom teeth that cause a lot of discomfort while chewing. For these situations, it would be unreasonable to schedule later appointments and leave you having to handle the pain and discomfort for more days. When you visit Dr. Hakim’s clinic you will be immediately booked in to the available dentist. You could get served by Dr. Hakim or any of the other dentists in his team who are equally qualified.

Painful Toothaches

Toothaches are another situation that can mess up your entire day. As such, Dr. Hakim has put measures in his clinic to offer his patients quick relief from terrible toothaches. When you drop into his clinic, you will be quickly examined to determine the cause of the toothache. The painkillers that you’ll be administered with will kill your pain in less than ten minutes to stabilize your condition. That way, if your toothache is affecting your day, you can have that relieved to put you back in working conditions. Dr. Hakim will also run more tests to figure out the cause of the toothache in order to recommend further treatment procedures to curb the same.

Crowns and Filling Replacements

Dr. Hakim also provides emergency teeth replacement procedures for affected patients. If you lose a tooth in an accident, you can have replacement crowns inserted to fill the gaps and you are back smiling and functioning normally in no time at all. With the advanced technology and equipment installed at his practice, Dr. Hakim is able to perform teeth extractions and recommend replacement options that are installed on the same day.

That means you can have that damaged tooth that is causing problems aesthetically and in functionality today, but after visiting his clinic overnight, you can have a new and functional tooth the next day with no discomfort and unnatural appearance at all. With the many years of successful dental practice that Dr. Hakim has had, we are proud to brand him the best emergency dentist Los Angeles has to offer.

Dr. F. Isaac Hakim = Qualified Los Angeles Dentist

Having a dentist that has your dental health as their first priority is a major step in having a perfect social life and all round dental hygiene and health. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is a qualified dentist, with a practice in Los Angeles where he is the resident dentist.

His is a family dentistry setting where there are procedures both for adults and small kids. This means that your entire family, including the little kid that still has a delicate dental future, can be served at our clinic.

Among the common procedures that our dentist specializes in include, but are not limited to, cosmetic dentistry procedures, implants, laser treatments and other many procedures to give you that youthful, natural-looking smile that will have your friends applauding you as soon as you arrive at your social gatherings. Some of our common procedures have been discussed below.

Root Canal

This is a procedure that involves the cutting of the nerve of the tooth in the root so the tooth can “die.” This is a recommended option for patients having dental conditions that could lead them to lose the tooth. Instead of extracting the tooth, Dr. Isaac will use laser technology to eliminate the bacteria causing the situation, then hey cut off the nerve of the tooth to avoid future complications. That way, a painful toothache can be treated, and the tooth saved from extraction as well as further damage and discomfort for the patient.


Dental implants are an effective method to replace lost teeth and get the mouth to its natural appeal and functionality. Dental implants are metal appliances that our dentist placed in the patient’s jawbone where they bond with the jawbone to provide firm support for placement of replacement teeth. Dr. F Isaac Hakim has successfully done implant procedures on countless cases, and with the new and advanced technology that we have at our facility, you can only expect the best results from our procedures.

Teeth whitening

Everyone wants a perfect smile characterized by the natural white color of teeth. We use the latest technology in teeth whitening procedures to get rid of stains in your teeth. No matter how severely discolored your teeth may be, using our new laser technology, your teeth can be back to their white in just a matter of an hour. This means that you can skip into our facility over your lunch hour and get a procedure that will leave your colleagues amazed at your immense transformation. Apart from the laser option, we also have home-use bleaches that you can buy and use at home. The effect of bleaches will, however, take a bit longer, about three weeks, to achieve the desired effect.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand that your smile is your main marketing tool in the world. As such, we know how much stress an unappealing look due to a dental condition can cause. That is why our institute offers cosmetic procedures to enhance your look and improve your smile. Book an appointment with us today and get to enjoy all the benefits that our qualified Los Angeles has to offer.

Quality TMJ Treatment in Los Angeles

TMJ Los Angeles

TMJ refers to the jaw involved in mouth movements. It is the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull, and you can feel it moving when you place a finger just below either of the ears and open and close your mouth. Sometimes, due to various reasons, this joint can be affected y a condition and stop functioning normally.

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Benefits of visiting an emergency dentist

Dental treatment has advanced greatly in recent years. With more and more people benefiting from prompt and efficient dental treatment, dental professionals have come up with even better ways of providing dental care. Currently, there are various ways you can benefit from visiting a dentist of your choice. One of the best dental clinics you can visit within the city is Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic.

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Benefits of visiting a dentist

When it comes to your dental health, most people do not give the necessary concern required to ensure that they prevent dental health issues. For most people, they normally visit the dentist once they become sick and require dental treatment.

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Various types of TMJ treatment

A TMJ disorder can cause you plenty of pain especially if not attended to immediately. A TMJ disorder can be caused by injury to the face or other conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint. When the temporomandibular joint is injured, it limits you from moving your jaw with excessive pain once you extend too much.

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Reasons why you need to get veneers in Los Angeles

Veneers are a form of tooth restoration that is commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are usually preferred for their aesthetic look especially if you are getting ceramic veneers. At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, you can get various types of veneers. Depending on your preference and estimated budget, the dentist will help you select the best type of veneers for your specific case.

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Using dentures in pediatric dentistry

Most people are not familiar with the use of dentures in dental treatment for children. However, dentures can be used in treating some dental complications in children. Unlike other dental procedures, dentures are quite easy to fit and adjust making it easy for a child to get this treatment. Generally, dentures Los Angeles are the best dental treatment for children who have issues with their teeth. This is because other dental treatments like tooth implants can interfere with the growth of normal teeth.

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