Different Types of Braces

Patients can choose from several types of braces when they have their teeth repositioned by Dr. Hakim. Whether patients are more interested in discretion, durability or versatility, they can ask Dr. Hakim which types of braces they are eligible to receive. Here is more about the orthodontic options that Dr. Hakim offers.

Braces with Brackets

Our orthodontics specialist, Dr. Hakim uses the latest technology in metal braces. The In-Ovation® R metal braces system uses a free-sliding technology that places almost no pressure on your teeth as it gently guides them into proper alignment. Less pressure means a more comfortable treatment. Metal braces may be the best-known form of bracket-based braces available, but many patients are also candidates for other options with brackets. Metal braces involve repositioning using wires threaded through brackets that are bonded to the fronts of the teeth. Although metal braces can be unsightly, they are the most flexible orthodontic option and can be used for virtually all types of bite irregularities in all age groups. Lingual braces are similar to the metal braces, but they are mounted behind teeth for discretion. The In-ovation C system offers the same benefits and technology but using Ceramic braces, a light-colored ceramic that matches the tint of teeth to reduce unwanted attention. Throughout treatment with any of these options, patients visit Dr. Hakim regularly to have their braces inspected and tightened.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are very different from metal types of braces in terms of appearance, corrective method, and other characteristics. Involving transparent plastic aligners, these braces are virtually invisible and should be removed before eating or brushing. As a result of their removability, clear braces are better for oral health compared to braces that use fixed brackets. Abrasion to soft oral tissues is minimized or prevented completely by clear braces.

The many types of braces used at the office of Dr. Hakim ensure that patients can have their teeth corrected in a way that matches their lifestyle and preferences. For patients who want to complete treatment more quickly and require fewer visits to our office, In-Ovation braces are an option to explore. To learn more about metal braces, clear braces, and time-saving In-Ovation braces, patients can schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles orthodontist.

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