Self-Ligating In-Ovation® Braces

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Self-Ligating Braces for Los Angeles

Self-ligating In-Ovation® braces for more comfortable treatment

In-Ovation® braces are an alternative option we offer for patients who want a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

In contrast to traditional metal braces, which depend on elastic bands to hold wires in place, In-Ovation® braces use a sliding system that lets the wire move more easily during treatment. As a result, the teeth are subjected to less pressure as their positions are corrected.

Benefits of self-ligating In-Ovation® braces

By using self-ligating brackets, In-Ovation® braces give patients greater discretion, faster treatment and more comfort. By simplifying the task of adjusting the braces, it also shortens regular appointments with our expert in In-Ovation® braces  in Los Angeles.

Thanks to their design, In-Ovation® braces are less likely to disrupt appearance during treatment. In-Ovation® braces are capable of correcting almost all common bite irregularities involving crowding and improper spacing and rotation.

Two varieties of In-Ovation® braces

In-Ovation® braces come in two varieties for patients with different treatment goals. With In-Ovation® R braces from our Los Angeles In-Ovation® braces expert, treatment is more discreet than with metal braces thanks to smaller size and self-ligation, which eliminates the need for elastic bands and lowers risks of unsightly food accumulation. In-Ovation® C braces are like In-Ovation® R braces but are clear, making them even less visible.

Find out if you are a candidate

Because In-Ovation® braces work like metal braces, they are an option for a majority of patients with most types of bite irregularities. They can be ideal for patients who value discretion as well as the standard orthodontic benefits of improved oral health, comfort and appearance. However, all patients must visit our expert in In-Ovation braces in Los Angeles for a consultation to determine their eligibility for this treatment.

With two options for patients to choose from, In-Ovation offers something for every socially conscious patient seeking orthodontic enhancement. Similar candidacy requirements to those associated with metal braces ensure that most adult patients can receive this treatment. Schedule a consultation to find out more about this treatment and determine if it is right for you.

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