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At the Orthospaceship, Dr. Isaac Hakim and Chantal Hakim provide orthodontic treatment alongside careful communication with your oral surgeon to prepare you for surgery.

 Jaw Surgery for Los Angeles

What is jaw surgery?

Jaw surgery is a common orthodontic treatment that we perform at the Orthospaceship. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is a jaw surgery expert, having treated  hundreds of jaw surgery cases through his career. Orthognathic surgery involves a combination of orthodontic treatment and oral surgery. This means that your orthodontist will work closely with your oral surgeon in order to accurately and effectively plan your case.

We normally recommend jaw surgery when there is an issue with the structure of the jaws and/or face that cannot be corrected with orthodontics alone. While many believe that jaw surgery is cosmetic, orthognathic surgery is largely done to improve function and breathing.

What is the cost of jaw surgery?

The cost of jaw surgery often varies based on your choice of surgeon and your insurance provider. Many people ask, “Does insurance cover jaw surgery?” and there is no broad answer for this question. The cost of surgery can vary on a wide variety of factors, such as the type of surgery required, is the surgery for one jaw or both jaws and the surgeon you choose. Ultimately, once we decide that jaw surgery is the correct plan of action, we will work with you to walk you through the process and steps to have a successful surgical result.

4 different types of orthodontic treatment

Jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment are usually performed for corrective purposes especially for cases that involve the facial bones and joints. We usually offer various types of dental, orthodontic treatment. One of the most common orthodontic services we offer is fitting of dental appliances.

Fitting dental appliances

If you wish to get a dental appliance for your dental structure, an orthodontist is the right dental specialist to visit. Orthodontists are well trained in using dental equipment for restoring tooth functionality and improving dental health. At Orthospaceship, we offer various dental appliances for dental treatment.

Whether it is clear aligners, braces or even a headgear, our orthodontists can help alleviate any pain felt and treat the condition. Most of the time, fitting these dental appliances may necessitate you to undergo dental sedation. This involves getting induced with anesthetic medication to eliminate pain during the procedure.

TMJ Arthroscopy

At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, we normally recommend through jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment for TMJ disorders. A TMJ disorder is a condition caused by poor functioning of the temporomandibular joint which allows for movement of the jaw. It can reason a lot of pain making you unable to give your full self in various situations. TMJ arthroscopy involves removing any accumulated substance from the TMJ joint.

Our orthodontist will first drill a very small hole in the area and then insert the arthroscope. This procedure is usually safer than open joint surgery since the latter harbors more risk.

Bone Graft

A bone graft refers to the transfer of a piece of bone from one area of the body to the dental structure. We normally recommend a bone graft when the patient needs to get a dental implant but has insufficient jaw bone.

Since the jawbone has to be firm and strong, the dentist removes a piece of bone and places it on the jawbone to make it more resilient and durable. After a bone graft surgery, the patient is left to heal for about a week or two. After healing, we can now start the procedure of placing the dental implant.

Jaw realignment

Some people have biting problems like a cross bite, under bite, open bite, etc. This makes them have a hard time chewing while also tarnishing their smile in general. Jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment is usually the best dental solution for jaw realignment.

You can visit us at Orthospaceship to get the best jaw realignment services in Los Angeles.

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