Cost of Braces

Braces offer lifelong benefits for recipients, creating an opportunity for smart investment in health as well as appearance. Today, patients can choose from multiple orthodontic options to meet their unique needs and preferences. An examination of the factors affecting our cost of braces in Los Angeles can be performed by patients who want to better ensure their satisfaction with treatment. Here is more about braces and the costs involved.

Benefits of Braces

Many people seek braces to improve their looks, but our cost of braces in Los Angeles also includes several other benefits at any age. While children gain developmental guidance from braces, all patients enjoy improvements in oral health and comfort after having their teeth straightened. Correctly positioned teeth are less likely to develop cavities or contribute to gum disease and TMJ. Teeth that fit together as they should are also more comfortable when patients eat and are better at breaking down food for assimilation.

Cost Factors Involved

A variety of factors can affect our cost of braces in Los Angeles. For example, the extent of correction required by patients affects the duration of treatment and the cost. The type of braces chosen by patients can also change the cost. When patients need more than one orthodontic treatment, this will also raise the total price. Finally, some patients may need to pay for restorative treatment before they can get braces.

Candidacy for Braces

Candidacy requirements are different among available types of braces. Metal braces offer the greatest versatility and can be used by patients of all ages for virtually all types of bite irregularities. Lingual braces require teeth to be large enough and cannot be used with a more extensive overbite. Although invisible braces work on most types of bite irregularities, candidacy is generally limited to individuals whose jaws have finished developing.

Dr. Hakim is an active member of the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists. When patients visit Dr. Hakim, they automatically have molds taken of their jaw to determine whether they have TMJ. To accelerate treatment, Dr. Hakim offers AcceleDent to patients who are having their teeth straightened. A consultation with our orthodontist in Los Angeles can be scheduled to learn more about these options and our cost of braces in Los Angeles.

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