Gummy Smile Treatment For Children


A gummy smile is a common dental condition for most children going for dental treatment. This condition occurs when a large portion of the gums below the teeth is visible when you smile. Sometimes, people with a gummy smile are not enthusiastic about their smile, and they may have low self-esteem.

A gummy smile, better known as the gingival display can make teeth look shorter than they are. This can change how your smile and teeth look and hence will require treatment as soon as possible. There are various types of dental treatment for a gummy smile and depending on the patient’s condition; the dentist will pick the best option. You can consult Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic for the best dental treatment in Los Angeles.

Causes of gingival display

causes of gingival display

Various facial features can cause a gummy smile. For example, your upper lip can influence gummy smile formation. If the upper lip is hyperactive and opens a little bit higher than usual, it displays more of the gum causing a gummy smile. A gummy smile can also be linked to jaw growth and development as the child grows.

If the jaw grows outward above teeth, it will tend to expose more of the gum when you smile. Teeth growth can also influence gingival display. If the teeth grow fast and continually after the removal of teeth in children, it may also trigger the development of the gum beneath it causing a gummy smile. Most of these cases require adequate surgical treatment.


gummy smile treatment

A gummy smile can be treated in a variety of ways. Treatment is usually done by a pediatric dentist who has been certified in oral surgery. After visiting the dentist for a consultation, they select the best method of treatment depending on the cause of the condition. Here are the most common treatments you can get for a gummy smile.

Same-day laser treatments

gummy smile laser treatment

Excess gum on the front of a tooth may be removed with laser therapy. If the dentist determines that your gummy smile is caused by excessive gum growth, they may opt to remove part of the gum in order to make the grin less sticky. This treatment takes only one day and has an excellent success rate.

Orthodontic treatment

gummy smile orthodontic treatment

If your child’s gummy smile is caused by the irregular placement of teeth, orthodontic treatment is recommended. Misaligned teeth usually lead to the growth of gums in an uneven manner which can sometimes cause a gummy smile. In such a case, the dentist can recommend braces or aligners to correct the positioning of teeth before gum removal can be done.

Surgical gum removal

gummy smile treatment surgical

Surgical gum removal requires removing parts of the gum and jawbone to achieve a healthy gum. While this procedure is complex, it offers superior results compared to other treatments for gummy smiles. For more information about surgical gum removal in Los Angeles, please contact Dr. F. Isaac Hakim today.


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