Reasons of Receding Gums in Children


Gum recession is a prevalent dental condition in children across the country. Most children who have receded gums do not know that this is a dental condition that can easily be treated by a dentist. Gum recession refers to the pulling back or wearing out of the gum tissue underneath the teeth. When this layer of gum recedes, the teeth become prone to injury and are also sensitive to hot and cold substances. Gum recession can increase the chances of bacterial infection due to the formation of spaces between the gum and teeth. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic recommends that gum recession should be treated immediately to avoid dental complications that may follow.

Reasons for gum recession

causes of receding gums in children

There can be various reasons why gums recede. Behavioral tendencies of the child can add to the cause. Although some of these causes of receded gums are not self-inflicted, some of them are reliant on the child’s oral practices and behaviors.


genetically receding gums in children

Some things cannot be blamed on physical activities but on our genetic makeup. Children whose parents have receding gums may also develop receding gums. Such cases are usually prevalent and are easy to diagnose and treat. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim recommends parents take their children to the dentist if they start developing receded gums or begin to show signs of receded gums. Since gum recession can cause further damage to the dental structure through tooth infection, it is always best to address it as soon as possible.

Periodontal diseases

periodontal diseases in children

According to dentists, gum or periodontal diseases are the primary cause of gum recession in children. Bacteria affecting the gum can quickly deplete the gum tissue on the front of the teeth if not well treated.

This infection may affect the gums strongly enough to cause teeth to dislodge or become weak and shaky in their dental sockets. Gum recession that is caused by gum disease can also be very painful to both the teeth and the gum. To prevent this, dentists recommend immediate treatment of gum recession and periodontal illnesses. You can contact Dr. F. Isaac Hakim for the best dental treatment in Los Angeles.

Aggressive brushing

aggressive brushing

Children who brush aggressively can easily cause gum recession due to damage of gums. When brushing, one should avoid putting a lot of pressure on the gums since they are not as strong and hardy as teeth. By affecting the gums, aggressive brushing also affects the teeth by making them loose and painful. Children should be well taught how to brush and floss teeth in a way that is not damaging to the oral parts.

Grinding and clenching teeth

grinding and teeth clenching

Children who have a habit of clenching and grinding their teeth are prone to gum recession. Some children tend to do this all the time causing their teeth and gums to grow poor. As you grind teeth, a lot of pressure is placed on them, and the gum can begin to recede as a result. Children should be discouraged from such activities to preserve their dental structure.

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