Why tooth extraction is recommended for children?

Dental extraction is a standard dental treatment in both general and pediatric dentistry. any general dentist usually does tooth extraction, However, in some cases, dental extraction may have to be performed by oral surgeons or an orthodontist.

This is because surgical extraction requires an experienced dental professional to attend to since the tooth usually requires some surgical cutting to extract fully. In other cases, the dentist can easily remove a tooth which is visible from the base to the top.

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Reasons for tooth extraction

Dental extractions Los Angeles is mostly recommended due to the ease of treatment. After extraction, the patient doesn’t have to worry about the issue again since it will be eliminated.

For children, dental extraction is more or less done for the same reasons as adults although some may vary slightly.  Below are some of the most common reasons for tooth extraction in children.

Excessive decay

Cavity and decay are usually caused by the slow negligence of dental health. Cavities tend to develop when the child does not brush often leading to accumulation of bacteria from food particles that eats away the tooth enamel. Apart from this, the cavity can also discolor teeth making them very unattractive. Tooth decay, on the other hand, is more detrimental since it can cause toothaches on the affected teeth.

For tooth decay, it is usually caused by poor oral hygiene due to an increase in harmful bacteria inside the mouth. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental office recommends dental extraction to avoid the spread of decay to adjacent teeth. Since treating decayed teeth can be a long procedure and the tooth may be too decayed, it is always best to extract and do away with the problem.

Crowded teeth

Crowded teeth can be referred to as a situation where the teeth are more than enough for the space available within the dental cavity. This, in turn, causes teeth to overlap, become too close and also have biting problems. Such a dental condition can cause embarrassment for a child since the teeth are not as even as other people’s.

Also, crowded teeth may affect speech and learning for small children since they require all teeth to be able to talk easily. Dental extraction Los Angeles is usually recommended for crowded teeth treatment. By reducing the number of teeth in the dental cavity, the dentist can then use aligners or braces to return teeth to their usual position.

Aching teeth

Some causes of tooth pain usually originate deep in the root of the tooth where the nerves are located. For such cases, dentists recommend root canal therapy to clear out bacteria and other harmful substances that may be causing toothaches.

For children, tooth extraction can be done since they can still grow more teeth. You can contact Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic to know more about child dental extraction services.

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