Who need Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental term that refers to the procedures involved in jaw bone and teeth alignment correction. This is a solution to intricate jaw bone issues that may be affecting your expression, or affecting normal mouth movements and functionality.

Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is a board-certified dental practitioner who has been helping patients living and working in Los Angeles or referred patients from other regions around LA. If you are concerned with the position and placement of your jawbone or would like to consult on matters concerning the same, you can consult with us for an opportunity to have the best orthodontist Los Angeles has to offer to work of you.

Orthodontist Los Angeles

Are you unsure if an orthodontic procedure will restore you to your optimum dental health and aesthetic appeal? Some of the conditions that our procedures helps reverse have been listed below.

Bite alignment conditions are the most common cases that warrant for an orthodontic procedure. If you find that your bite is incomplete, in that you are experiencing cross-bites, underbites or overbites, you would be the perfect candidate for us.

Other cases that our orthodontist Los Angeles handles are crowded teeth, a misplaced midline of the front teeth, and also cases of bone grafting to add bone matter to the jawbone to support teeth perfectly.


Depending on the nature of your dental condition, our orthodontist dentist may recommend either a fixed and permanent option or temporary removable.

Our fixed appliances are such as braces to help pull your teeth back in position, space maintainers and other special fixed appliances to enhance reversal and achieve the desired effect. Apart from these, our removable treatment options include aligners, removable space aligners, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expanders, removable retainers, and a range of other headgear.

Our treatment options are designed to cater both for you and your kids as we also have a pediatric center where your kids also get to reap the benefits of our procedures and lay a good foundation for their future optimum dental health. Among the treatment options, we have for kids are the fixed space maintainers where they are placed in the gap of a lost tooth to maintain the dental structure and provide the opportunity for growth of other teeth in the same space.

The specially fixed appliances also help in taming habits of thumb sucking and teeth thrusting on the spaces left by lost teeth.


Our orthodontic dentist, Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is based in our Los Angeles offices and free for consultation services for you any day of the week. You can visit our dental facility and if you are found fit for an orthodontic procedure, you can be scheduled for a procedure in no time.

Our qualified facility is fully stocked, with all the treatment options as well as advanced technology and equipment to ensure that our procedures are perfect with a minimum error range.

Visit us today and let us handle your dental worries today.


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