When is it essential to visit an orthodontist

When it comes to dental treatment, not every dentist can address your dental issue. Depending on the kind of dental complication, you may have to find a suitable dental specialist who deals with that kind of dental issue. Before seeking dental treatment, you should inquire about the services offered by the dental professional in order to get the most ideal services for your dental issue. For facial bone and jawbone related dental complications, the best dental specialist to visit is an orthodontist Los Angeles.

An orthodontist usually has extra training and practice in dental surgical procedures that are focused on cosmetic and restorative purposes. For the best orthodontic treatment in the city, contact Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic. They have proficient dental professionals who Can address various dental issues.


Open bite

An open bite is a biting deficiency where the teeth do not close entirely once you bite them together. This leaves a space between the teeth which can in turn cause problems when chewing and biting. An open bite is a common dental deficiency in most dental patients. It may be caused by irregular teeth growth which makes some teeth protrude longer than others. It could also be as a result of a poor jaw formation causing the teeth to meet at an irregular angle. An orthodontist Los Angeles can provide dental treatment to treat an open bite.

Depending on the cause of the open bite, the orthodontist may decide to realign the jaw and make sure both jaws are even. This is usually done when under general sedation as the dentist reestablishes the structure of your jaws.


Jaw injuries

An orthodontist Los Angeles can easily reconstruct your jaw if it has been badly damaged. A damaged jaw may cause problems with opening and closing of the mouth. It could also be causing a lot of pain making you unable to participate in the day to day activities. For such dental issues, you can visit Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic.

Their orthodontist can provide dental treatment by repairing broken bones and restoring functionality of the jaw. This procedure may take longer than a single session as the orthodontist will have to assess the efficiency of your jaw frequently.


TMJ disorder

A TMJ disorder is a dental complication that affects the joint that holds both the upper and the lower jaw together. This disorder is characterized by a lot of pain and could also cause the jaw to become stuck making it difficult to eat, talk and even sleep comfortably. A TMJ disorder may be caused by injury to the face or by some other physical conditions that affect the bones like arthritis.

During treatment, the orthodontist may decide to perform an open joint surgery to tackle the issue directly and treat it entirely. Another viable option would be to fix the jaw structure and lessen the weight on the TMJ. Visit Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic and enjoy top-notch orthodontic services.

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