What you need to know about teeth in a day for children

Dentistry has improved greatly in recent years. You will find that improved dramatically treatments have been improved to become more effective and easier to perform. Dental implants are one of the major advancements in dental surgery.

Since dental implants are designed to work exactly like teeth, they can serve a brilliant role in replacing missing teeth. For children who have permanent loss of teeth, dental implants can be very convenient for them. Replacing an entire set of teeth will usually require teeth in one day Los Angeles dental procedure which is easier and less expensive.

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What is the viability for teeth in a day procedure?

Teeth in one day Los Angeles dental treatment is quite straightforward without any extensive procedures. These artificial teeth can be fitted by a dentist in less than a day making them a very convenient set of tooth replacement. Unlike dental implants, teeth in one day do not require any bone requirements for them to be well fitted. The dental implants are usually supported on 4 implants placed at equal positions in the mouth. This eliminates the requirement for a bone graft while also assuring strong and firm dental implants for your child.

Teeth in one day Los Angeles is usually recommended for children who have conditions affecting growth or strength of teeth.

How it is done:


Teeth in one day Los Angeles is usually done in a single day regardless of the number of teeth being replaced. However, your child may need to go for a pre-treatment dental session so that the dentist can assess their teeth and develop a treatment plan for the dental issue. As is the custom in dental consultation, the dentist will first walk you and your child through the treatment procedure. The child also gives their expectations of treatment before the treatment can actually start.  The dentist will then take a 3D scan of your child’s teeth to model appropriate dental implants. Using highly sophisticated dental technology, the dentist designs the dental implants on the computer together with where they are being placed on the mouth and sets to creating the final product.

Actual procedure

After designing and physically creating the teeth in one day Los Angeles, the dentist will call you and your child for another dental session. This procedure is usually done under dental anesthesia to reduce irritation and pain.  First, the dentist makes a hole at the points where the dental implants will be supported. This is usually done at intervals spanning across the length of the dental implants. After drilling the holes, the dentist then inserts the dental implant roots into these holes. The dental root in teeth in one day is usually connected to the tooth crown making it easier and faster to fix. You should consult the dentist for any precautions that are necessary for proper healing of the jaw and gum after teeth in one-day procedure.

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