Various types of TMJ treatment

A TMJ disorder can cause you plenty of pain especially if not attended to immediately. A TMJ disorder can be caused by injury to the face or other conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint. When the temporomandibular joint is injured, it limits you from moving your jaw with excessive pain once you extend too much.

If you have a TMJ disorder, you should ensure that you get immediate TMJ treatment, Los Angeles, to restore your jaws and teeth to their regular functioning. At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, you can get top-notch TMJ treatment. They have a pool of professional dental specialists who can address any of your orthodontic issues. Visit them today and enjoy top-notch TMJ treatment, Los Angeles.

Common causes of a TMJ disorder

A TMJ disorder can be caused by various aspects some of which are not in control of the victim. For instance, your family may have a history of locked jaw condition. In such a case, you should visit a dentist with this information in order to facilitate smooth and individualized treatment. A TMJ disorder may also be caused by grinding your teeth a lot.

Putting excess pressure on the jaws can wear out the temporomandibular joint making it less effective and eventually dysfunctional. Another common cause of TMJ disorder is an injury to the face or jaws. This can cause the joint to be fractured or obstructed from opening and closing fully. At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, the dentist will perform a thorough diagnosis to determine the best form of treatment for the condition.

Jaw repair and restructuring

TMJ treatment Los Angeles can be done through jaw repair and restructuring. For this treatment, you may have to visit an orthodontist. It is usually recommended for people who have a TMJ disorder due to poor jaw growth and alignment. The procedure usually takes less than three dental sessions after which you can enjoy a pain-free jaw. Visit Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic today and get the best TMJ treatment in the city.

Getting a headgear

An orthodontist can choose to assign a headgear to correct jaw structure and treat a TMJ disorder. If the disorder is being caused by poor positioning of the jaws, a headgear can greatly improve your dental structure within just a few days. The orthodontist will inform you on how to wear the mouth guard and remove it easily. Depending on the type of appliance, it may be used as you sleep as well.

Open joint surgery

This form of TMJ treatment Los Angeles is not very common due to its risk factor. It involves opening up the entire joint and looking for and treating the issue. This procedure is usually recommended for instances where the dentist is unable to diagnose the cause of the TMJ disorder accurately. Nonetheless, it offers great convenience in dental treatment and only has mild soreness after the procedure.

Visit Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic and enjoy some of the best orthodontic treatment in the city.

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