Using dentures in pediatric dentistry

Most people are not familiar with the use of dentures in dental treatment for children. However, dentures can be used in treating some dental complications in children. Unlike other dental procedures, dentures are quite easy to fit and adjust making it easy for a child to get this treatment. Generally, dentures Los Angeles are the best dental treatment for children who have issues with their teeth. This is because other dental treatments like tooth implants can interfere with the growth of normal teeth.

You can get some of the best pediatric denture services from Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental office. They have a variety of trained dental specialists who can perform a wide number of Kid’s dental treatments.

Reasons for using dentures in pediatric dentistry

Dentures are normally used in adult treatment. However, dentures can also be designed for children with similar dental conditions. Since dentures Los Angeles are only placed over the teeth, they do not affect the tooth in any way making them suitable for child treatment. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic recommends that children should get dentures if they develop the following complications.

Tooth loss

Some conditions in children can lead to tooth loss or lack of sufficient tooth growth in children. This can, in turn, cause a lot of embarrassment for the child since they won’t have strong teeth as compared to their friends. Ectodermal dysplasias are one of the most common dental conditions in children that lead to loss of teeth at a very young age. Dentures Los Angeles are usually recommended for treatment for this dental condition. Dentures help the child be able to chew normally and enjoy the benefits of natural teeth as their teeth slowly grow.

Speech development

For children who develop teeth at a later age than their peer age group, dentures can be used to aid in developmental milestones. Teeth are vital in chewing and speaking. If a child does not develop teeth at an early age, these functions may not be well learned to cause later difficulties in learning and speaking. Dentures can improve speech development in children since they can easily speak with a mouth full of teeth. Also, the child is able to move the jaw normally and get used to having teeth unlike having multiple gaps that affect their appearance. You can consult Dr. F. Isaac Hakim to know more about how dentures can improve speech development in children.

Improve appearance

Missing a number of teeth as a child can be very embarrassing. It may cause the child not to want to go to school. Dentures can be used to give the child confidence and eliminate anxiety from having missing teeth. After a proper assessment at the dentist, your child can get removable dentures that will compensate for missing teeth. Consequently, this improves self-confidence and psychological well being in the child since they are not singled out in child groups. Call your dentist today and request for denture treatment for your child.

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