Clear Braces / Aligners Treatment Los Angeles

Clear Braces / Aligners Treatment

AlignersDr. Isaac Hakim, our expert in clear braces in Los Angeles offers discreet orthodontic treatment to patients who want bite correction without aesthetic disruption. In addition to enjoying the cosmetic, functional and health-related benefits that clear braces provide, recipients are more comfortable and less likely to develop oral health problems during treatment compared to patients who choose alternatives. Here is more about this treatment, the correction process and who may be a candidate.

Clear braces offer numerous advantages over traditional orthodontic alternatives, such as metal braces. For example, a lack of brackets makes clear braces less likely to abrade delicate oral tissues. This feature also reduces risks of food accumulation, which can foster bacterial development and resultant tooth decay and gum disease. Of course, the virtual transparency offered by this treatment from our Los Angeles clear braces expert, Dr. Isaac Hakim also keeps patients attractive while their teeth are being corrected.

Clear Braces Los Angeles

Because clear braces lack the brackets and wires present on metal braces, treatment is simplified significantly. Treatment starts at a consultation with our Los Angeles orthodontist to discuss correction requirements and take bite impressions that are used to make clear aligners, which patients wear over their teeth to move the teeth into position. Throughout treatment by our expert in clear braces in Los Angeles, patients have their progress monitored and aligners switched at regular appointments. The total number of appointments varies based on the degree of correction necessary, and retainers are given afterwards to preserve results.

In some cases, patients may require additional orthodontic devices to correct specific types of bite irregularities. Dr. Hakim may also recommend that patients receive restorative care before undergoing treatment with clear braces.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hakim, patients can learn more about this treatment and determine if it is right for them.

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