TMJ/Jaw Pain Treatment

TJM/JAW Pain Treatment

TMJ Los Angeles Advanced Treatment

TMJ is a critical dental condition that can affect anyone from grown adults to children. Most people do not know what TMJ is and may end up seeking treatment for a condition that they do not understand. A TMJ disorder is generally characterized by a sharp pain at the temporomandibular joint.

The disorder is normally caused by an infection or injury to the joint. Since the joint is responsible for opening and closing the jaw, you may get a locked jaw if you have TMJ.

At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, we normally provide various treatment solutions for TMJ. Depending on the basis of your TMJ disorder, our dentist will determine the best treatment.

If you feel intense pain at the front of your ear and you find trouble moving your jaw, visit us for a TMJ checkup. A large majority of people with TMJ don’t usually know that they have the condition.

Available Treatments for TMJ

After getting to know what is TMJ, you should now understand the relative dental treatments for the disorder. For most people, we usually employ surgical measures for treating TMJ to provide fast and effective dental treatment.

Depending on the reason for your TMJ disorder, our dentist will determine the most appropriate dental solution and apply it. Below are some of the most ordinary treatments for TMJ available at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic.

Available Treatments for TMJ

This dental procedure is usually quite risky although it has exquisite results. During the surgery, the dentist or oral surgeon will cut out the area where the joint is located to observe the joint openly.

If there are any unnecessary materials inside the area, the dentist will remove them to make the joint functional again. After treatment, the area is stitched together and left to heal.


This procedure involves using a small channel close to the TMJ joint to remove any abscess or collected material inside the joint. This procedure is usually risk-free and is normally recommended over other methods.

During treatment, our dentist will first provide sedative medication to make you unconscious during the procedure. The dentist then drills a small hole near the joint which will help clean the joint of any impurities.

Lifestyle Change

In some cases, poor lifestyle habits like grinding and clenching teeth can lead to a TMJ disorder.

A holistic dentist can help you adapt better habits that are more productive and beneficial to overall dental health.

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