some dental issues that Orthodontist corrects

Many benefits come with orthodontic treatment. Some teeth flaws can be so unsightly that they keep one thinking about them all the time. It is a good thing that you are focusing on your flaws, but also focus on the fact that they need fixing. Teeth problems vary in children and adults. Understanding the right orthodontic treatment is vital to improve overall oral health.

An informed patient has power. Before you go for your first appointment with your Dr. F. Isaac Hakim, you’ll at least have some information on what goes on in that office. That’s a good thing.

Whether it’s you or your child that has a dental problem, you’ll need detailed information to explore to get you started on your treatment.

Here is something you should know about some dental issues that Orthodontist Los Angeles corrects:



Excess spacing for the teeth- that’s not okay. For some kids, it may look a little bit cute (not too much spacing) but in adults, no! Hell no! In most occasions, gaps form on teeth when they are too small to occupy the gum space available for them entirely. Another case that would make you feel insecure about your smile is underdeveloped teeth or prematurely missing teeth. These two mess up your cosmetic appearance that you wouldn’t feel confident about your smile. The good thing is that it is fixable.



Crowding pretty much sounds like overpopulation in your mouth. The feeling is like an elevator that’s crowded. It is uncomfortable. Simply put, there’s little space in your mouth for all the teeth to fit usually. It may be as a result of an improper or faster eruption of teeth. Whichever the case, the results are a complete freak show. This discord between your teeth and gums would cause:

  • Crooked, displaced or twisted teeth
  • Teeth decay
  • Gum disease and of course, unpleasant cosmetic appearance.



In this case, the lower jaw protrudes outward and upwards and overlaps the upper jaw. Such a situation requires urgent treatment by an Orthodontist Los Angeles to avoid long-lasting damage. Untreated underbite cases may result in:

  • Wearing and tearing of the enamel
  • Speech interference
  • Gum disease and tooth decay
  • Difficulty in swallowing and chewing
  • Alteration of face, mouth and smile appearance



Crossbites are caused by several factors, ranging from genetics, delayed shedding of baby teeth to misaligned jaws. In this case, you would feel your upper teeth falling into your lower teeth when you bite down. Another cause of a crossbite occurs when the front upper teeth fall behind the front lower teeth when one bites down. A total mismatch! Apart from chewing and biting difficulties, one may also experience:

  • Loose teeth
  • Pain in the jaws
  • Increased sensitivity in the teeth
  • Asymmetrical growth of the face and jaws during growth
  • Wear and tear of the enamel surface



It is essential to take concern about every detail on dental health. However severe your case may be, there’s never a wrong time to fix it. You have the time; Dr. F. Isaac Hakim has the right treatment. Oh, he also has time too. Your cosmetic appearance can always be fixed!


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