Should I use my dentist or an orthodontist for my braces?

Sometimes knowing the dental specialist, you are supposed to visit may be a bit difficult. That is why you may need dental consultation before dental treatment. At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, we offer accurate and effective dental consultation that is aimed at diagnosing the patient while also providing the most appropriate measures of dental treatment. When it comes braces and other related treatments, the best dental specialist to visit is an orthodontist. Although most dentists and orthodontists can perform similar dental procedures, some of these dental treatments are exclusively carried out by an orthodontist.

Why is an orthodontist ideal for braces treatment?

An orthodontist is an expert type of dentist who can perform multiple dental treatments. Dentists, on the other hand, are extra concerned with general dental issues that are easy to treat. One of the things you were supposed to consider when selecting a dentist or an orthodontist for your braces is the surgical expertise.

Surgical expertise

An orthodontist is more qualified than a dentist in that they are conversant with dental surgery. Dental surgery is a key dental procedure applied in various dental treatments. When it comes to braces, dental surgery can be applied in the repair of the braces especially if the inner mouth tissues are injured. An orthodontist is more likely to deal with your braces issue since they have dental surgery skills that are crucial in any orthodontic procedure. Visit us today at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic and get the best form of orthodontic treatment for your braces.

Dental appliances

In dental treatment, there are a large variety of dental appliances that are used in dental treatment. Generally, an orthodontist is qualified to prescribe dental appliances to be used in orthodontic treatment.

If you visit a dentist to get a dental appliance fixed, he may end up referring you to an orthodontist who will provide the service. Whether it is a headgear or replacement bits for the braces, an orthodontist can help you get whichever dental appliance that will help improve the condition of your teeth. As you choose between a doctor or an orthodontist for your braces, it is important to know that only an orthodontist is certified to fix and remote dental appliances.

Medical prescription

For medical prescription, both a dentist and an orthodontist can give a prescription to a patient. If the patient has issues with their braces, painkillers can be prescribed to reduce any pain or discomfort caused by the newly fit braces. In the event of a dental infection, our dentist may recommend some antibiotics to help reduce the risk of spreading infection. Depending on the type of dental issue being addressed, our dentist will provide the most suitable prescription to either alleviate pain or improve treatment.

Visit us today at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic and get some of the best dental services in the city. We have a pool of orthodontic specialists who can cater to any of your dental needs.

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