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TMJ Los Angeles

TMJ refers to the jaw involved in mouth movements. It is the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull, and you can feel it moving when you place a finger just below either of the ears and open and close your mouth. Sometimes, due to various reasons, this joint can be affected y a condition and stop functioning normally.

These are called temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJD), and whenever they occur, they cause the patient a lot of pain and discomfort. Though this area of dentistry is not very well researched, our oral specialists at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim are conversant with the condition, and they have offered successful treatments to thousands of patients in Los Angeles alone. If you are suffering or have any TMJ concerns you are at the right place. We have been doing TMJ Los Angeles treatments for a long time now, and we are your best option for quality treatment and care.

Causes and Symptoms

Pinpointing the exact cause of TMJ disorders is difficult. However, most causes could be due to genetics, some ailments such as arthritis, and accidents. In most cases, TMJ disorders are not serious, and we are able to reverse them by simple procedures. The symptoms associated with TMJ disorders include but are not limited to, pains in the ear and neck region.

These pains also often spread to the neck and shoulder region. Other symptoms are clicks when opening and closing the mouth, head migraines and general pain and feelings of tiredness on the face. Swelling may also result from this.

Most TMJ patients also seem to have a returned jaw making their lower part of the face appear smaller. If you happen to experience some or all of these signs and symptoms, it is advisable to seek expert opinion from a certified practitioner.

For best results in TMJ diagnosis and treatment, go to a dentist that is both qualified and experienced in dealing with TMJ disorders. Luckily for you, our dental center is equipped with qualified personnel and advanced equipment and technology, and you are assured of getting the best TMJ Los Angeles treatment from us.


Like we said before, TMJ treatments in most cases are not severe and do not require surgery in treatment. Surgical procedures are recommended for the severe cases that do not respond to conventional treatment options. Since TMJ disorders are painful and cause a lot of discomforts, the dentist’s first priority is always to, first of all, relieve the patient of the pains and reverse the symptoms. This is done by the administering of pain relievers and muscle relaxants to ease the jaw muscles and reduce tension and overwork of the muscles.

After the dentist has dealt with the symptoms, they now move to reverse the condition. They use dental splints which the patients should wear daily to bring back their jaw to the desired position and end the disorders. Patients that have teeth grinding problems that lead to TMJ disorders also get mouth guards to wear as they sleep. Home exercises are also advised to help you get back on track and functionality.

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