Metal Braces Los Angeles

Orthospaceship offers traditional metal braces for Los Angeles

The Orthospaceship offers traditional metal braces for patients in Los Angeles.

Metal Braces for Los Angeles

What are metal braces?

Traditional metal braces are the most flexible form of orthodontics from our orthodontists in Los Angeles, and most patients in all age groups are likely to be candidates. Although metal braces are less discreet than some other types of orthodontics, such as Invisalign and lingual braces, the ability to customize metal braces with different colors means that patients can still optimize their appearance while they are being treated by our doctors. In addition, metal braces can be made more comfortable by applying a special wax to the brackets.

Patients can often save money by choosing this option from our expert in metal braces in Los Angeles.

How do metal braces work?

Metal braces consist of brackets that are bonded to teeth in order to hold arch wires that are adjusted regularly during the treatment period. Some discomfort could be expected after an adjustment session, but any pain generally disappears within days. Once correction is complete, our doctors give patients retainers to wear in order to prevent their teeth from regressing to their former positions.

Who can get metal braces?

Most adults and children who have no upcoming major restorative work are likely to be candidates for metal braces. However, a consultation with our experts in metal braces in Los Angeles is necessary to verify eligibility. In some cases, our doctors may recommend the use of other orthodontic appliances alongside metal braces to address specific bite irregularities.

During treatment with metal braces, patients should take care to brush and floss daily and visit their dentist as often as recommended. By avoiding excessively cold or hard foods, patients can help reduce their risk of breakage, which would require extra appointments for repair or replacement and may result in extended treatment time. A consultation with our doctors can be scheduled to learn more about metal braces and confirm candidacy.

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