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Dental braces are fixed or removable appliances that the doctors of the Orthospaceship utilize to straighten your teeth and correct your bite.

Dental braces for Los Angeles

What are dental braces?

Orthodontic treatment from our experts in dental braces in Los Angeles offers lifelong enhanced appearance as well as major reduction of oral health risks. Depending on the age at which patients receive dental braces, the primary goal of treatment may be guidance of development or long-term improvement of how the teeth fit together. By getting braces at any age, patients lower their chances of suffering from cavities, periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Dental braces are used to correct bite irregularities, which increase risks of tooth decay, gum disease and TMJ disorders when left untreated. Issues such as improper rotation and overcrowding can also place teeth at risk of breakage when patients chew or speak. After receiving treatment from our Los Angeles dental braces expert, patients not only enjoy greater confidence but also improved digestion because of more efficient chewing.

Orthodontic treatment options

Multiple orthodontic treatment options are available to patients who visit our experts in dental braces in Los Angeles. While a consultation is essential to determine eligibility for different types of braces, patients can review potential options beforehand to aid their decisions later. Traditional metal, lingual, self-ligating and ceramic braces are the most versatile options in terms of what they can correct and who can receive them.

Clear aligner treatment has stricter requirements and slightly more limited application but offer discretion, convenience and comfort for patients who qualify.

All braces work by gradually pulling teeth into their proper positions over time, but precise modes of action vary significantly. For example, metal braces, lingual braces and ceramic braces all use continually tightened wires threaded through brackets bonded to the teeth to correct bite irregularities. With aligners, teeth are moved through a series of clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth and removed for eating and brushing.

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