Orthodontic Records and Why They’re Necessary

Orthodontic treatment is a crucial part of dental treatment. Orthodontics is a unique type of dentistry that deals majorly with bone-related dental issues. At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, we offer various types of orthodontic treatment. Through our team of dental specialists, you can be sure that any of your dental issues will be addressed. When you visit us for orthodontic treatment, we may request for your orthodontic records that give an outlay of your previous dental health history.

We will also give you our own collection of orthodontic records that will state all that we know about your dental condition. Orthodontic records are usually very important to preserve since they may come in handy later on. Below are some of the importance of keeping orthodontic records safely.

Planning treatment

First of all, orthodontic records are used in the planning of your treatment plan. After our dentist gets hold of your orthodontic record, he will use it to develop an effective treatment plan to is based on your specific dental issue. Our dentist will also use the orthodontic records to come up with a suitable diagnosis of your dental condition. Orthodontic records play a great role in streamlining your treatment and providing an easy and customized treatment. Most of the time, after people get to know what orthodontic records are and why they are necessary, try to engage in more conservative ways of keeping the records.

Mapping the origin of illness

An orthodontic record can also be used to map the origin of a dental issue. When you visit the dentist, you will always get a record file where all your dental information will be noted down. If you find yourself with a recurrent dental complication, it may be best to present your dentist with your orthodontic records in order to determine the origin of the problem.

Through analyzing your past orthodontic record, our dentist will be able to find out the main issue with your dental structure and formulate a treatment plan for the condition. Visit us today at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic and get the best out of orthodontic treatment.

Giving the dentist a good idea of your dental condition

Orthodontic records can be used to give the dentist a briefing of your orthodontic situation. Instead of explaining to the dentist about previous treatments, the dentist can simply look at your orthodontic records and understand the state of your dental structure. Usually, we tell our clients to come with their dental records during treatment in order to help ease the orthodontic treatment.

It may affect extra parts of the body

Orthodontic complications may affect other parts of the body necessitating you to go to the hospital for treatment. Since orthodontic records involve X-rays and other scanned images, a doctor may request for the records in order to guide treatment. If the records are useful, the doctor won’t have to repeat any procedures making the treatment more streamlined. Understanding orthodontic records and why they’re necessary is very important for all to know.

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