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Dr. F. Isaac Hakim is one of the oldest ortho dentist, Los Angeles. He has been practicing orthodontics for almost forty years now. He has got a rich educational background which has contributed to his best service provision. Besides having earned his bachelor’s degree and doctorate degree, Dr. Isaac Hakim has got various training in the field of dentistry. Moreover, he is a member of several dental organizations both locally and internationally. The following are some of the orthodontic services that Dr. Isaac Hakim offers at the dentistry.


Early orthodontic treatment

There are several orthodontic services for kids offered by ortho dentist Los Angeles, Dr. Hakim. Children normally require dental attention since their teeth are in the development stage. Even for the children who have not yet developed teeth, there are orthodontic services for the, for instance, cleft palates treatment. Other orthodontic treatments for kids include; sleep apnea disorder treatment and monitoring of the jaw development among others.


Jaw surgery

Dr. Isaac Hakim is a skilled oral surgeon and orthodontist. There are some dental issues that require dental surgery to correct. While fixing some dental appliances, surgery of either the facial bone of the jaw is required.

Such appliances as dental implants requires surgery of the jaw bone to be fixed. TMJ is one of the other disorders that require surgical treatment from a specialized oral surgeon and an orthodontist. Ortho dentist Los Angeles, dr. Hakim is highly skilled in performing dental surgery and even jaw surgery.


TMJ treatment

The temporomandibular joint that is responsible for the opening and the close ng of the jaws can sometimes be affected by infections or injury. Infection or injury causes a lot of pain in the cheeks. Normally people do not know what TMJ disorder is, and they thus end up seeking for the wrong treatment. If you feel a sharp pain in the cheek, it is advisable to first seek treatment from an orthodontist. This disorder is very serious and may end up leading to a locked jaw resulting in difficulty in biting and chewing.

Luckily, the best ortho dentist Los Angeles, Dr. Hakim is highly specialized in treating this kind of problem. Normally, this dentist will first examine to determine the cause of the pain and then proceed to provide suitable treatment. The kind of treatment for this disorder consists of open-joint surgery and arthroscopy.


Ortho dentist Los Angeles, Dr. Hakim provides orthodontic services to all.  This is because there is early orthodontic care for children and adult orthodontic care as well. Apart from the above-mentioned dental services, there are more treatments offered by this best dentist. It consists of Invisalign, braces, retainers and jaw surgery. There are a varied set of braces used by this ortho dentist.

There are lingual braces, braces behind the teeth, ceramic braces, braces for kids, clear braces and self- litigating in – ovation braces. All the services are offered by the oldest and highly specialized ortho dentist who is based in Los Angeles.

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