No matter how old you are, crooked/misaligned teeth can be a daunting experience

Apart from not feeling good about yourself, people judge you based on your oral health. Here’s the thing- with an appointment with Dr. F. Isaac Hakim, you wouldn’t have to feel like that anymore.

Crooked teeth can always be fixed, and it’s even easier on children since the jaws can be manipulated easily to grow in a certain way. You will agree that in a child’s growth curve, adolescence is everything. Oh well, not everything but appearance matters. At that point in life, when teens want to mingle and be social, teeth imperfections can be a real drawback.

So, you just considered getting braces, and before making your first appointment, someone told you that it’s a dreadful experience. Okay, it isn’t that scary, you know. If you try to forget about the idea of being self -conscious and focus on what’s good about braces, your perspective might change.

Here’s what you need to know about braces Los Angeles:

  • Braces help to fix your bite

Mmh, the bite- what is it? You see that thing that happens when you close your jaws, and the upper front teeth meet with the lower front teeth, yeah that’s it. When your bite is a bit off, that doesn’t happen. It’s not all about braces. Dr. F. Isaac Hakim checks your bite too to give you a good fix for such a dysfunction.


  • There’s more to braces than just straight teeth

Yeah, you want to have perfectly straight teeth, but that isn’t the only thing that braces can do. There’s more to it. Your dentist would check anything and everything about your dental structure to build up a comprehensive oral review first. This is everything from jaw pain, bleeding gums, impacted teeth, crowded teeth, and gaps in the gum line. A perfect solution for a wide array of dental problems.


  • There’s no age limit for braces

You heard, right. You can have braces at any age. So you might have seen braces being used by many teens. Well, that’s the age when people tend to notice any red thing that ought to be blue. Plus, with all the self- consciousness in teens, you wouldn’t expect something like crooked or misaligned teeth to sleep through the cracks. Age is not a factor here, so don’t allow stereotypes to freak you out.


  • Most consultations are free

Money, money, money, and money. You see, braces are like a lifetime commitment. Once you get them, you’ll need to stay in touch with your dentist for follow-up appointments and adjustment where necessary. Such visits would be costly for you to consult your dentist sometimes. Well, most consultations are free- if not, they aren’t that costly to make you feel the pinch of spending. You can have as many meetings as you need as long as you are satisfied and comfortable.


  • An expert will install them

Things work great when they are done right. There’s something about orthodontists that puts them on the edge of dentists. They sound the same, but orthodontists have an area of specialty- the jaw and how teeth move on it. They are a perfect choice in fitting braces Los Angeles and monitoring their function on you.

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