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What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are braces that go behind making them virtually impossible to see. Most of our patients call them invisible braces!   

At the OrthoSpaceship, Dr. Isaac Hakim and Dr. Chantal Hakim, your Los Angeles Orthodontists,  offer lingual braces for those who are seeking an invisible option for braces. Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth making  the braces impossible to see to others. This allows you you enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment without everyone seeing the dental appliance.

Who can get lingual braces?

Almost anyone who can get regular braces can also get lingual braces or braces that go behind teeth! 

Many of our patients who opt for lingual braces are those who work in the film, hospitality or client service industries as invisible braces would be an ideal choice for them. There are also others who just want invisible braces who choose to get lingual braces!  

One of the things we consider before fitting lingual braces is the length of the teeth. The teeth are required to be long enough to hold the braces meaning lingual braces aren’t the best option for your child. Children and adults with small teeth may not have the adequate space for the lingual braces to hold on to. Of course this is evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Risks associated with lingual braces

Before our orthodontist can perform treatment with lingual braces, he must first take you through any risks and complications that can arise during treatment.

Generally, these risks can be easily mitigated through dental treatment. However, it is important to know of the risks in order to know how to act when you feel the effects. First of all, lingual braces can take longer to treat orthodontic issues as compared to regular braces. This makes them less effective in dental treatment. Talking with the lingual braces on may need some practice due to the position of the braces.

You will have to learn how to speak with the braces on for about a week before becoming good at it. Swallowing can also pose a problem since the tongue thrust will be difficult to perform.

Our dentist will train you in some of these activities to help you enjoy the experience of lingual braces.

Maintenance of lingual braces

Brushing as well as flossing daily is a must for lingual braces. We recommend regular dental hygiene since the position of the braces may limit proper cleaning.

You can use fluoride mouthwash to preserve the teeth and provide fluoride protection.

If you engage in any sports, it is always best to wear a mouthguard when having lingual braces.

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