Getting Braces is Just Cosmetic, Right?

Is getting orthodontic treatment just about looking better or is there any other real purpose? You may think, as many people do, that the only reason to get braces is so your teeth and smile will look better. In reality, there are numerous incentives to not only your dental health but also your overall health that makes orthodontic treatment a valuable investment of your time and finances.

If the upper and lower teeth do not come together properly, resulting in a bad bite, you may experience problems with chewing food and digestion, inadvertently biting the inside of your cheeks, chipped or broken teeth, or even bone loss. If teeth are hitting against each other improperly, over time this can cause mobility of the teeth and recession of the gums. TMJ Disorder can also develop from a bad bite, which can result in pain in the jaw joints and surrounding muscles, headaches, sore neck and back, grinding of the teeth, and the movement and shifting of teeth.

Teeth that are crowded are much harder to keep clean. This means that it’s easier for food and bacteria to get trapped in the mouth, which may cause cavities and gum disease, and in some cases can even lead to heart disease or a stroke.

While the psychological effects of a healthy smile are invaluable, you can now see that the additional health benefits are immeasurable.

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