Emergency Dentist Los Angeles

Having a reliable emergency dentist is a great tool to have in your life. This is because dental emergencies may occur at any unscheduled moment. Knowing how to quickly get out of such fixes without having a stressful experience would be an added advantage to you.

That is why Dr. F. Isaac Hakim has set up his dental practice in Los Angeles, a 24-hour running facility that is specially designed to solve any dental complications at the moment they occur. So, if your toothache is giving you a stressful day at job, a visit to our facility would solve the complication for you in a matter of minutes and get you back to your work a happier person.

A few of the emergency conditions that our emergency dentist Los Angeles helps solve have been discussed below.

Teeth Extractions

Though teeth extractions are not always the desired path of treatment, some conditions cannot be treated in any other way. The teeth needing extraction could be some decaying tooth or impacted wisdom teeth that cause a lot of discomfort while chewing. For these situations, it would be unreasonable to schedule later appointments and leave you having to handle the pain and discomfort for more days. When you visit Dr. Hakim’s clinic you will be immediately booked in to the available dentist. You could get served by Dr. Hakim or any of the other dentists in his team who are equally qualified.

Painful Toothaches

Toothaches are another situation that can mess up your entire day. As such, Dr. Hakim has put measures in his clinic to offer his patients quick relief from terrible toothaches. When you drop into his clinic, you will be quickly examined to determine the cause of the toothache. The painkillers that you’ll be administered with will kill your pain in less than ten minutes to stabilize your condition. That way, if your toothache is affecting your day, you can have that relieved to put you back in working conditions. Dr. Hakim will also run more tests to figure out the cause of the toothache in order to recommend further treatment procedures to curb the same.

Crowns and Filling Replacements

Dr. Hakim also provides emergency teeth replacement procedures for affected patients. If you lose a tooth in an accident, you can have replacement crowns inserted to fill the gaps and you are back smiling and functioning normally in no time at all. With the advanced technology and equipment installed at his practice, Dr. Hakim is able to perform teeth extractions and recommend replacement options that are installed on the same day.

That means you can have that damaged tooth that is causing problems aesthetically and in functionality today, but after visiting his clinic overnight, you can have a new and functional tooth the next day with no discomfort and unnatural appearance at all. With the many years of successful dental practice that Dr. Hakim has had, we are proud to brand him the best emergency dentist Los Angeles has to offer.

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