Do Braces Hurt?

A large number of people are opposed to getting braces because they are afraid of the pain felt when the braces are fitted. In addition to that, some people have a phobia of going to the dentist making it impossible to get their orthodontic issues addressed by a dental professional. The sought out the answer to the question, ‘Do braces hurt’ is no they do not. Contrary to the belief, getting braces doesn’t usually hurt because of the anesthesia used to numb pain during treatment. After getting the braces fixed, you may need to get used to them in order for them to be more comfortable.

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What to expect during fitting of braces?

Getting braces fixed usually have little to no pain. Our dentists use special dental appliances to reduce the invasive procedures normally observed when fitting braces. When coming for dental treatment with braces most dental patients ask the same thing, do braces hurt? Thanks to sedative anesthesia, you can stay unconscious during treatment eliminating any traces of pain. Generally, it may take one or two hours to get your braces fixed. Our orthodontist will start by placing bands on the hind molars to help support the braces.

The dentist will then use a special glue to stick the metal brackets on the surface of your teeth. The brackets are then connected with a wire and secured with elastic bands. The anesthesia will wear off after a few hours leaving the area painful and sore. Our dentist can recommend pain relievers to reduce pain and discomfort after getting braces fitted.

What to expect after getting braces?

You may have to stay with a sore mouth for a couple of weeks after getting braces fitted. During the first few days, chewing can be quite a problem hence the need to do it carefully to avoid hurting sensitive areas. You may also have to avoid hard foods and eat only soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, cold drinks, oatmeal, soup, and soft fruit drinks.

These will help establish the best environment for better recovery. Sometimes you may slit your tongue on the braces making it very painful. However, painkillers can be used to alleviate such discomfort and pain. In about a month, you may start becoming used to your new braces.

What to expect after tightening of braces?

Braces are designed to guide the tooth positioning to more suitable areas. Over time, the braces may need to be tightened after they have achieved their expected target of shifting teeth. The rate of adjusting and tightening these braces will depend on the progress of the patient alongside other factors. As the teeth reposition, the braces become loose and less firm.

During regular visits at our dental clinic, our dentist will help readjust the braces and ensure that they are functional again. After getting them readjusted, you may experience some pain and soreness. However, this discomfort will not last longer than the initial feeling after getting the braces fixed.

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