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Dentistry has grown immensely in recent years owing to the advancement in technology and medical treatment. Today, there are various forms of dentistry each of which holds potential dental treatment for dental patients across the world.

A large number of people are not concerned about their dental health making them prone to dental complications that can affect other parts of their life.

For instance, chronic pain in the jaw can affect eating, talking and even sleeping forcing one to get medical attention for pain relief. Some people end up seeing a doctor when they should visit a dentist for dental and oral treatment.

Dental treatment is available in various forms with some being more complex than others.

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The major branches of dental treatment

Forms of dentistry

Dental treatment and reconstructive procedures can be provided in various ways. Depending on the dental issue presented, a general dentist Los Angeles may or may not refer to specialized dentists for further treatment.

You can get any form of dentistry at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental office. Here are some of the most common types of treatment available.

Sedation dentistry

This form of dentistry is recommended for people who have a fear of visiting the dentist.

The anxiety related to dental treatment can be countered through the use of sedation medication before the treatment. This tool of dental treatment is usually recommended for children who are afraid of going to the dentist.

However, it can also be given to adults who have a low pain threshold or those who have a weak gag reflex. For sedation dentistry, any dentist Los Angeles can provide the sedative dose before treatment.

Orthodontic dentistry

This form of dentistry incorporates treatment of facial bone structures.

An orthodontist can efficiently treat problems with the jaw like a TMJ disorder.

Similarly, teeth and jaw alignment can also be treated through orthodontic dentistry.

In some cases, an orthodontist works together with a regular dentist when treating more than one dental condition. For the best orthodontic treatment in town, you can rely on Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental office.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentists usually deal with improving the facial appearance of the patient. Cosmetic dentistry is rarely used for dental treatment expect in situations where the cosmetic procedure also prevents or stops a dental complication.

In cosmetic dentistry, the dentist changes various facial features including the teeth shape, shade of the teeth, jaw structure, tooth alignment, teeth height, and mouth tissues.

The cosmetic dentist usually uses digital planning to create a replica of the expected results for the patient to see. If approved, the cosmetic dentist then begins with the surgical operations.

Dental surgery

Most dentists are not qualified to perform dental surgery since it requires a higher level of education for certification.

Oral surgeons and orthodontists perform dental surgery. They offer dental treatment and also reconstructive treatment through implant surgery, treatment of gum recession, root canal therapy and so many more.

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