Clear Braces Cost Los Angeles

Clear braces are available from Dr. Hakim for patients who want a virtually invisible orthodontic option. Rather than using metal or translucent ceramic brackets and wires like those associated with traditional orthodontic treatment, clear braces use a series of plastic aligners that patients wear over their teeth. This treatment modality affords greater comfort and easier oral health maintenance, which further enhance the value in our clear braces cost in Los Angeles.

How Much Do Clear Braces Cost?

Our clear braces cost in Los Angeles depends on multiple factors related to individual characteristics and treatment goals. For example, patients who have bite irregularities of greater severity may need longer treatment time and more aligners, increasing total costs proportionally. Prices may also vary for specific types of clear braces that are designed for very minor correction or treatment during adolescence. When patients need additional orthodontics or restorative treatment beforehand, the cost can also be expected to increase.

Analysis of Value with Clear Braces

For many patients, our clear braces cost in Los Angeles offers excellent value compared to what is received with alternative options. Without any brackets, clear braces treatment is unlikely to foster the development of tartar, which contributes to expensive cavities and gum disease. Abrasion to the cheeks is also practically eliminated by the absence of brackets. As a long-term investment, teeth corrected with clear braces give patients improved aesthetics, comfort and chewing ability for a lifetime and make tooth loss less likely to occur as patients grow older.

Clear Braces Candidates

Clear braces are an option for most adult patients and can correct most types of bite irregularities. When certain types of irregularities are present, Dr. Hakim may recommend another type of braces. Because no two cases are alike, however, all patients who are interested in clear braces should visit our orthodontist to find out if this treatment is right for them.

Our clear braces cost in Los Angeles includes a personalized treatment plan, several sets of custom-made aligners and support throughout the corrective period. Afterward, patients receive retainers to keep their teeth in their new positions. When patients consult with Dr. Hakim, our orthodontist in Los Angeles, they can learn more about clear braces and find out if they are candidates.

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