Braces for Adults

Braces can be used by adults who want the same lifelong aesthetic and practical benefits received by children who get orthodontic treatment. Although treatment time can be slightly longer in adults because their jaws have already finished developing, the results are well worth the investment of time and money. Dr. Hakim, our expert in braces for adults in Los Angeles, offers individualized treatment plans for all adults to account for their unique goals and choice of orthodontic approach.


Adults gain a variety of benefits from having their teeth corrected by our expert in braces for adults in Los Angeles. After correction, patients may find that they have more confidence thanks to a better-looking smile that other people like seeing. With fewer spaces between teeth and reduced risks of breakage during chewing, patients also have better chances of avoiding cavities and gum disease. Comfort is also enhanced, with orthodontic patients receiving greater protection from TMJ disorders that cause pain in the jaw joints.

Braces for Adults Los Angeles

Not only can adults choose from the standard metal and lingual braces available to children, but they can also opt for Invisalign clear braces from Dr. Hakim for greater discretion. All of these options offer similar levels of versatility in terms of what they can correct. Invisalign offers shorter treatment time, lingual braces offer more discretion than traditional metal braces but slightly less than Invisalign, and metal braces are often the most affordable choice.


Most adults who want to correct the positions of their teeth are candidates for treatment by our expert in braces for adults in Los Angeles. However, eligibility for individual orthodontic options may vary based on treatment goals and other factors. For this reason, patients must be examined by our orthodontist to determine which options are open to them.


Braces can enhance the quality of life and health of patients who have their teeth corrected by our expert in braces for adults in Los Angeles. By reducing risks of oral health problems, patients also have better protection against tooth loss and cardiovascular disease in the long term. A consultation with our orthodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. Hakim, can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about their options and discuss their candidacy for treatments that interest them.

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