Braces Colors

Patients who visit Dr. F. Isaac Hakim for their orthodontic care can customize their braces with fun different colors.

Dr. Hakim uses the latest technology in orthodontic appliances. The self-ligating In-Ovation brackets hold the archwire without the need of elastic bands. With this technology, Dr. Hakim makes less chair time, fewer appointments and a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance available to all his patients.

This braces system, available in both metal or ceramic braces, may be complemented with an array of decorative colors to suit all tastes. The availability of different-colored elastic bands lets patients enhance their orthodontic experience, display the colors of their school or favorite team and can help prevent the treatment from feeling monotonous.

For example, patients can wear green, red and white elastic bands during the holiday season. On Independence Day, patients can wear red, white and blue elastic bands. The options are virtually unlimited thanks to the large selection of colors available, leaving possibilities up to the imagination of patients.

Because the bands are changed with each visit, patients who so desire can expect an exciting opportunity for customization every time.

To learn more about braces colors and the most popular combinations, patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Hakim, our Los Angeles orthodontist.

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