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Different Types of Braces

Patients can choose from several types of braces when they have their teeth repositioned by Dr. Hakim. Whether patients are more interested in discretion, durability or versatility, they can ask Dr. Hakim which types of braces they are eligible to receive. Here is more about the orthodontic options that Dr. Hakim offers.

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Braces Prices Los Angeles

Braces can be used at any age to correct crooked teeth and unhealthy bites, enhancing the patient’s well-being and self-esteem, and affording greater comfort and increased resistance against oral health problems. Once patients have gotten braces, they enjoy the benefits of life. This means that the investment justifies itself easily for many patients, but some people want to fully understand the factors that determine the initial cost of braces. Here is more about what is involved in our braces prices in Los Angeles and how the investment is worthwhile.

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Affordable Braces Los Angeles

As an effective way to improve looks, comfort, and health with one treatment, braces are a smart investment for patients of all ages. Different types of braces, with a variety of advantages in a number of areas, are available to patients who want a healthy bite and straight teeth. Before getting orthodontics, patients can discuss their options with Dr. Hakim to ensure that they will be happy with their treatment and results. Here is more about the advantages of affordable braces in Los Angeles and who is a candidate.

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What is TMJ?

TMJ Symptoms and Treatments

In addition to providing patients with the best options for straightening teeth, the team here at our Los Angeles orthodontics office also offers specialized care and treatment of TMJ disorders. The mission of our practice is to be the standard by which other orthodontic practices are measured by providing a “whole health” approach to orthodontic treatment.

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