All you need to know about invisalign treatment

Teeth alignment is one of the major dental issues treated in dental offices across the city. For most people, poor dental growth since childhood has caused poor alignment of teeth which negatively affects the general appearance. While some people may be opposed to getting braces or aligners due to their observable qualities, there is a much more convenient treatment method available.

Most people today are preferring invisalign Los Angeles for teeth reconstruction due to its convenience and comfort. Invisalign is a special form of aligners that is clear and covers the entire tooth throughout the oral structure. Invisalign are dentist-recommended due to their light nature as compared to braces and other bulky aligners. You can visit Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental office for the best Invisalign treatment across the city.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign are invisible aligners meaning no one will notice that you have aligners on. This makes the wearer confident, unlike other treatments that are visible from far. Invisalign Los Angeles is also very well designed to fit your specific dental structure. Invisalign aligners are modeled in a dental lab after the cosmetic dentist takes your dental structure scans and uses them to create custom-made aligners. This makes them convenient for you and you alone.

Since invisalign is made of hard plastic and not metal, you don’t have to worry about the common metal taste or injuries in the mouth from accidents. The plastic is easy on your gums and teeth making it a very comfortable treatment option. Unlike braces which only cater for tooth positioning, invisalign covers the entire tooth thus protecting the enamel from the cavity and wear and tear.

Treatment duration

Invisalign treatment may last longer than expected. Nonetheless, all teeth alignment treatments take long since the dentist will have to readjust the aligners after every month for more efficiency. Generally,  invisalign treatment lasts at least 6 months. Depending on your dental needs and concerns, the dentist may take longer to design your appropriate invisalign aligners. However, the dentist will tell you beforehand how long the sessions will take and if there might be a problem with the treatment.

After getting the first set of invisalign aligners, cosmetic dentists recommend that you should wear them as much as possible. This will help you get used to the new dental structure while also making the treatment as effective as possible. According to Dr. F. Isaac Hakim, you should wear invisalign for at least 20 hours a day for your teeth to be well readjusted in the estimated timeline of treatment.

What to expect after getting invisalign?

In the first few days after getting invisalign Los Angeles, you may feel uneasy or uncomfortable due to the new structure. However, within a few weeks, it will become less discomforting. You may experience some pain if the invisalign is slightly tighter than expected. In such a case, contact your dentist to know what to do and if you will need pain relief. Eating and sleeping with invisalign may take some getting used to but is necessary for treatment to occur faster.

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