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Acceledent Orthodontic Treatment

AcceleDent Orthodontic Treatment


Why use Accelent braces?

For people who are intent on getting their teeth realigned, AcceleDent may be the perfect solution for you. AcceleDent is a dental appliance that is used to guide the positioning of teeth to avoid crowded teeth or otherwise misaligned teeth.

At Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic, we provide AcceleDent for all our dental patients including children. With AcceleDent, you can reduce the time for braces treatment by up to 50%.

This makes AcceleDent much more convenient than other methods of tooth repositioning. What’s more, AcceleDent doesn’t have to be used for the entire day. We normally recommend having them on for at least 30 minutes a day in order to maintain the estimated rate of treatment.

It is important to note that AcceleDent is an FDA approved appliance that is safe and healthy for use.

How does AcceleDent operate?

AcceleDent is a type of dental brace that is portable and easy to use. It offers a convenient way of repositioning teeth since it is more comfortable and less frustrating as compared to regular braces.

The AcceleDent is connected to a small activator which initiates the tooth readjustment process. Once the device is activated, it applies little pressure on the teeth. When compared to an electric toothbrush, the machine exerts less than half the pressure exerted by the brush.

The AcceleDent takes advantage of the natural growth of teeth and works by improving bone remodeling to change the position of the teeth.

Our dentist will ensure that the AcceleDent appliance is well designed to deal with your dental issue. The activator helps you get the most out of the AcceleDent appliance without having to take up a lot of time.

How is the AcceleDent used?

Using the AcceleDent may seem quite difficult for most people since it has a unique procedure. However, using an AcceleDent is actually very easy, and even a child can get familiar with the procedure. Our dentist will provide guidelines on how to effectively use the appliance for the best treatment.

First, you have to attach the mouthpiece to the external activator.After that, switch on the device (you can check on this using the LED light on the device) and place the mouth guard in place. Bite down the mouth guard firmly and ensure that all the parts of the AcceleDent are in contact with your teeth.

Wait for twenty minutes before you can remove the mouth guard. We normally recommend doing the exercise for 20-30 minutes daily in order to get the maximum results.

  • While we have seen that AcceleDent helps instigate tooth movement, it also helps in tooth leveling.

  • This is where the teeth are made to be of the same height. This helps greatly in improving the general appearance of the teeth after treatment.

  • Before treatment, our dentist will take you through what to expect during treatment and so you won’t have a lot to worry about.

  • Visit us today at Dr. F. Isaac Hakim dental clinic and get the best AcceleDent dental treatment.

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